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On a sleepover night, Mireille and her friends, Belle and Nessa decide to visit Hillside.Little did she know that Hillside is the rumored home of supernaturals. Little did she know that her life would forever change within her days of staying there. ~~~~ "I-" I began in shock. "Who are you?" I said, hesitantly. "It's okay dear, I won't hurt you" she said comfortingly, as little gold sparks wrapped around me making me feel safe. "It's you" I murmured quietly. "You're the one I've been seeing in my dreams"

Fantasy / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

prologue | her daughter

A woman stood in a bedroom holding a tiny baby girl. The girl had pink hair and her eyes were the color of amethyst. The girl also had a tiny emerald necklace around her neck. In front of her stood two other women who had black hair and hazel eyes.

"Eunice, Lottie I'm trusting your daughters to look after my daughter Mireille"

"You can trust us my queen she will always be safe" the two women replied in unison.

The queen nodded then murmured some words. She watched as her young daughter's hair turned into a shade of dark brown and her eyes changed to a honey gold. Slowly small brown freckles appeared on her cheeks.

18 years later


On a Friday night, my friend Belle and I decided to have a sleepover at Nessa's house.

"Isn't he cute?" Belle said, holding up her phone and showing us a picture of teenage Zac Efron.

"Ew" Nessa and I said at the same time, making Belle fake cry. "You both are tasteless" she said rolling her eyes but her eyes shone with amusement.

Belle is the crackhead of my friend group. She's the oldest as well. She's really fun around me and Ness but with others she's well...shy.

Nessa is the mom of the group even though she's the second oldest. She tells us not to drink but Belle and I don't listen to her.

"Isn't she cute?" Nessa said pulling up a picture of a member from Twice, Tzuyu.

"She's adorable." I said with adoration.

"I knew I could trust you" Nessa said giggling while Belle huffed.

"Belle, Ness" I started "Do you wanna watch a movie?"

They both nodded. I got up from wear I was sittinh when suddenly I got hit with a pillow. "Belle!" I said with a smile. She continued hitting me with the pillow.

"Stop! I said stop!" I said through fits of giggles and suddenly she stopped and put her pillow down. That was weird.

"What do you wanna watch?" she asked facing me. Her eyes full of guilt. What was the reason she was feeling guilty ?

What had just happened? Nessa eyed me with a confused expression. I know it can't be nothing but I'll shrug it off for now.

I continued staring at Belle when all of a sudden her eyes turned silver. I looked at Nessa and her eyes were silver as well. "Hello?" I waved my hand in front of Nessa's face.

Nothing. Yeah this is definitely strange. All of a sudden, Belle and Nessa's eyes turned back to normal. Belle then took my right hand in her hold and said incoherent words under her breath and suddenly everything went black.


"What happened last night?" I asked as I was now on my bed. Everything seemed foggy. Belle and Nessa were on both sides of me, Nessa putting a wet towel on my head and Belle was holding my left hand.

"Nothing Mii. You fell asleep while we were watching Kakegurui" Nessa said and I frowned.

"We're planning to take a trip somewhere" Belle began "To Hillside"

The rumored home of the supernaturals? Why would we be going there? "Why?" I was nervous about going there but strangely a part of me longed to go there.

"To explore of course!" Nessa exclaimed. She seemed so happy to be going there.

"Aren't you scared of what they can do?" I asked curiously. "No" Nessa was all Nessa said.

"When are we going?" I asked nervously.

"As soon as school ends during summer." Belle started, "We're going to see if we can get Anya on board as well"

"Okay" I shrugged inwardly. They seemed so easygoing about it.

"Do you want to go to Shake Shack?" Nessa asked, as she eyed the nervous expression on my face. I nodded. Anything to get my mind off it.



Nessa placed her palm gently on Mireille's forehead and whispered incoherent words under her breath.

Belle then walked away from Mireille and towards Nessa who was in the room next to

"Well how did you expect me to react Nessa?" Belle said with her jaw clenched.

"She's her daughter. You know we can't deny an order from them." Belle stated looking at the ground.

"Belle..." Nessa started pulling Belle for a hug and kissed her forehead "I'm sorry love, I'm just scared for her."

"I get it." Belle said as she lifted her head up to stare Nessa into her eyes. "I would be too."
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