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Andrew Roth was sent to a world of magic and adventure. Danger lurks around every corner and no place is safe. Will he be able to survive the war between the nations or the impending waves of monsters? Can he protect the people he cares about? Who knows? Death doesn't discriminate against anyone.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Fantasy begins

Fair warning to the reader, I decide the death of a character with a coin toss. Even characters I love will be no exception to this rule. This story will take place in a fantasy world. Let the fantasy begin!

My life is uneventful. I wake up, work, eat, and then go to sleep. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever measure up to anything. I live financially secure. I work out on the daily. My meals come in a timely manner. You could say I have everything a person needs. So why is it so difficult to get out of bed? Why do I yearn for something different.

I took a break from my work. I needed to do something different today. I couldn't live my life so predictably. Walking down the street, I looked into the shopping windows. Among the countless shops, none of the apparel caught my eye. Will I find anything exciting?

The answer to my question was an astounding no. Nothing of interest caught my eye. How could two hours pass by so quickly? I have to start heading back home now. Feeling defeated, I walked down the street towards my home.
"Young man?" A older voice called out from the dark alley way. He was wearing a black cloak over his body and gave off creepy vibes.
"What?" I asked suspiciously.
"Come closer," he beckoned me with his finger. The alley was incredibly dirty and filled with trash.
"No," I said firmly. He tightened his lips in dissatisfaction. He walked a bit into the light with his hands clamped shut. The old man looked remarkably frail.
Putting his hand into his black coat, I took some steps away from him. I'd rather not get mugged on my day off.
He brought out a stone that gave a deep dark red hue. Clearing his throat, "I wish to give you something valuable."
I waited for him to continue. Anything that sounded too good to be true, often was too good. "What's the catch?"
"Only those who seek adventure will thrive. Although I wish I had more time to choose someone else, I'm afraid I am running out of time." He coughed lightly.
I looked around and noticed all the streets were empty. He took another step into the light. His face was deathly pale. "You have a talent for magic. I will not feel worried if it were you."
"Sorry, I don't really understand what your talking about. I think you have the wrong person." I started to walk away.
"I'm afraid you no longer have a choice. The Queen entrusted me to send someone. My duty will be fulfilled before my last day." He said in ragged breaths. When I looked over my shoulder, he was within arms reach. I tried to run, but he hooked my neck in a choke hold.
Due to the closeness, I could smell his wretched breath. I tried breaking the arm lock, but despite how he looks, he's ridiculously strong. With his free arm, he put the stone on my chest.
"Help!" A small scream escaped my lips. That was all I could manage before I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I felt extremely disoriented. I could hear water gushing in the distance. The smell of grass and moss was overwhelming. I sat up in a fright. The sun was blinding my vision. Where am I?
I'm in a forest. A river lies to the east of me. The forest was constantly filled with animal noises. A stark contrast to the city life. It took me a few moments to gather myself. I've never seen so much greenery. Normally, I'm surrounded by tall buildings and honking cars. Instead, birds chirping filled the environment. The air was much cleaner and had a fresh feel to it.

“Is anyone there?” I checked left, right, and center. The forest was deserted and isolated from urban life. I couldn't see any trails in the distance.

Did the old man bring me here? Why would he do this? What benefits would dropping a stranger in the forest bring? I just don’t understand.

I checked my pockets for my dads pocket knife. It was still on me thankfully. I should have pulled it out against the old man. At least they didn’t search me. They didn't take my wallet either?

Why didn’t they search me? Why didn’t they gag me or tie me up? Where are my kidnappers? I found it hard to believe the old man dropped me here without reason.

“Is anybody out there,” I asked quietly. Every couple of yards, I nicked the trees with my blade. It was barely noticeable if you weren’t looking for it.

“Having a path back to the river might come in handy,” I nodded at my own reasoning. I had a bad habit of saying my thoughts aloud when I felt nervous. Pinching my cheek, I took a breath to control the rising panic. I should explore the area.

I walked west, towards the rising sun. It took two hours before I found people. I saw them coming from the distance.
“Is this really necessary?” A women spoke out. I heard some leaves and twigs being crushed underfoot. Hesitant to be spotted, I crouched low by the bushes.

“What part? Three mercenaries looking for some bear or the fact that we brought four days worth of food?” A heavy male voice asked sarcastically.

A third voice chimed in, “relax big guy, you know why we needed the extra food. You should be grateful it didn’t come out of our pockets.” This man had leather armor around his chest and wore a small crudely made helmet. He wore black cloth leggings.

“Yeah, listen wannabe!” The female snickered. She had silver hair and a whitish skin tone. I couldn't see her body figure since she wore a green cloak.

“Your not the one carrying it you spoiled brat,” he growled. This man was larger than the other two. He seemed much older and had scars covering his arms. He wore light metal armor that covered his upper body and parts of his legs.

I took a step back as the voices neared my position. A twig snapped loudly under the soles of my boots.

“Shit,” I whispered quietly. Suddenly all the birds stopped chirping.

“Who goes there!” The group looked in my direction.
I was getting ready to stand up, but then I stopped. They weren't looking in my direction? Rather they were looking above me. I peeked above in confusion. In the trees, I saw a purple little monkey holding a brown unknown object. What is that?
Some saliva dripped onto my forehead. That's gross. The monkey dropped the object and proceeded to growl at the mercenaries. The brown ball landed by my feet. It gave a strong smell. It's some sort of fruit?
"What is that doing here?" The male with the helmet asked in shock and fear. He pointed his sword at the monkey, but I could see his sword shaking. He didn't look prepared to fight at all.
The woman held out her hand as if telling the monkey to stop. "You can't Enna, don't threaten it," The older man pulled her hand away slowly. The monkey stared silently at the three mercenaries. The monkey growled at them and shifted comfortably on the tree. Enna slowly reached into her cloak. The monkey saw that and started growling again, but Enna didn't stop.
Time seemed to move slowly for me. I held my breath. I didn't understand what was happening. At first, it seemed ridiculous that anyone could be scared of such a small monkey, but seeing them take the situation so seriously made me nervous.
Suddenly, the monkey jumped down and sprinted towards Enna.
The big man dropped the heavy bag he was holding and drew an axe from his buckle. As if ready for the charge, he stood in front of Enna. I looked around for the third party member, but realized he was missing. Did he run while Enna kept the monkey distracted?
"AHH!" The older man screamed as the monkey jumped on him. I couldn't see what was happening, but I could tell he was in pain. I stood up and started to run away.

Authors note: Thanks for reading, please tell me if you enjoyed it so far! All encouragement motivates me to continue the story.
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