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Team Darkoss IV: Reign of Orecalcose

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Dragnar has been at peace for fifteen years after the second great war of Windfall. With Gallahon now king and Aquanna his queen, a new threat will emerge and threaten all of Dragnar. Being the 'Hero King' Gallahon will answer the call. But will he be strong enough to take on this new threat...?

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Fifteen years have passed since Team Darkoss once again saved their homeland and possibly the whole world from extermination. General Azull Angerthon had been slain by Gallahon’s blade thus winning Windfall’s second great war. Winning the war had earned him the title of ‘The Hero King’. Before giving up his life for his country, King Psygon had informed Gallahon of a secret which he had kept from him for so long. That Gallahon was indeed the king’s grandson and had the right to claim the throne upon the king’s death. Not wanting to see his country in ruin, Gallahon took the job and is now king. His bride Aquanna Waters, daughter of Lakeborn, was to be his queen. On the verge of winning the war, Aquanna was pregnant with Gallahon’s first heir, but little did they both know that she was carrying twins at the time. Unlike his own father, Gallahon was there to watch both of his children grow up into their teen years. And for fifteen years, all of Dragnar was at peace. Well, most of Dragnar. There was one place that no one had lived in for years and has ever since been abandoned. Crystalrock which was now known as ‘The Forbidden Lands’.

A dirty blonde haired boy who bared a golden breast plate and white chainmail walked forth into the wasteland that was known as ‘The Forbidden Lands’. He gripped his staff tighter as he scanned the area, seeing nothing but rock and fossil’s. A pouch was strapped to his side as he grabbed it, making sure it was still full. He felt the lumps of whatever he was carrying in his bag and continued onward. He walked in white pants and his father’s brown boots. The sky was a lightish yellow color as he walked through the wasteland, unaware that he was being followed. A shadow peeked around from behind the rocks, keeping a close eye on the boy. When the boy turned, the shadow disappeared. He knew that someone or something was following him as he clutched his staff tighter. The boy was on his guard as he ventured up a hill. At the top of the hill, he could see the ruins of a shrine. This of course was the very same shrine in which his father’s family was buried, the boy’s uncle, aunt and cousin.

The statue of the boys uncle still stood tall. The statue which strongly resembles that of his father with sword and shield with the shield being rounded with dragon horns. The boy wondered why his uncle looked just like his father but the boy looked nothing like his own father. The boy kneelt down before the statue as he took off his pouch and opened it. He pulled out offerings to give to his dead relatives. The boy placed the items in front of him and prayed. He prayed that they would find peace even in death.

“There you are brother.” Said his twin sister who had followed him all the way here. Unlike her brother, she had pointy ears but the same dirty blonde hair. She was an elf just like her mother. She was accompanied by her pet fennec fox. Her leather armor covered her perky breasts perfectly. A belt she wore over it to carry her bow n’ arrow. A single silver pauldron covering her right shoulder. Leather bracers on each of her arms. Her stomach showed but was partly covered by chainmail. Two steel pads covered her thighs and a chainmail skirt just below her belt with the royal families crest on the buckle. Leather boots with silver buckles on them protected her feet. The boy looked back at her.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her.

“I was going to ask you the same thing. We shouldn’t be here, this place is dangerous Kronis. Dad forbid us from coming here.” Kronis got up and walked over to her.

“Which is why you shouldn’t be here either Rose. Go home.” He commanded her.

“Not without you. That’s why I came here, to take you home before father finds out.”

“Our relatives are buried here Rose! Don’t you want to know who you are, who they were? Why the hell would father keep us from coming here?” Before Rose could answer, the thing that was following Kronis appeared on top of the statue and stared at them. But it didn’t have eyes, but a mirror as a face and wearing a black cloak with golden chains on it.

“I don’t know, maybe because of that!” She said. Kronis turned and saw the monster. He prepared himself for combat as the monster jumped down. It’s tough skin was like rock and was grey. It’s stomach thin and looked like it was starving. The limbs of the creature was covered in pointy and razor sharp spikes that were growing out of its hard flesh.

“I hope your training paid off Kronis.” Rose said as she pulled out her rapier. Her blade was thick and sharp with a red rose as the pommel for the sword. The cross guard was green, made to look like a peapod and was cupped so it would cradle her gloved hand.

“Stay back Rose, I’ve got this.”

“I can fight!” He turns and shouts.

“No! I will not let you get hurt! This is my fight!” Rose pouts and puts her sword away. Kronis turns back to the beast. The mirror face creature rushed toward them both as Kronis smacked it’s head hard with his staff. Kronis swung again as the beast caught his staff. As Kronis tried to pull it back, the beast swung the staff with Kronis still hanging on, spinning around like a top. The beast let go as Kronis went flying through the air and hit the hard rock wall.

“KRONIS!” Rose shouted. Her pet fox growled and snarled at the beast as it approached and towered over Rose. Rose took her sword out again as she stabbed the creature in the chest. The creature looked at the sword imbedded in its chest. It grabbed the sword as it pulled the blade out of its chest like it was nothing. The beast tossed the sword aside as it grabbed Rose’s arm and pulled her towards it. Rose looked frightened, terrified of the beast. The beast had opened its second mouth which was located on its stomach. It’s sharp fangs drew closer to her. Kronis had crept up behind the creature and bashed it over the head with his staff, cracking the mirror. It turned to face him, only that there was no face behind the mirror, just an empty husk.

It tossed Rose into Kronis as they both fell on top of each other. As the beast drew closer to the two, someone was approaching from the distance. It looked like an armored man riding bare back on a strange breed of a horse and dragon. It was Gallahon who had come to save his children. Gallahon jumped off of his Dragorse as it stopped itself in front of Kronis and Rose, protecting them. The scales of the Dragorse was a shiny blue with a hint of green. It had the legs of a horse but the head and feet of a dragon. It’s mane was pitch black as it flowed over its horns. It snarled and growled at the mirror faced monster as Rose’s pet fox ran over and hid behind the Dragorse’s leg as it shivered. The monster lunged at them as Gallahon bashed it with his shield. The monster attacked Gallahon again as he shielded himself.

Gallahon kicked the monster back. As the monster stumbled, Gallahon rushed toward it as he swung his sword. But the monster jumped high in the air and avoided Gallahon’s attack. Gallahon took one of his sun disks and threw it at the monster. The disk sank it’s blades into the monster’s arm as it exploded and knocked the monster out of the air. The monster got up and charged Gallahon as he sliced the creature through the stomach like he was cutting bread. The monster split into two but it wasn’t dead. The monster’s lower half stood up on its legs as it hissed and retreated as it left its top half to rot and decay. When the battle was over, Gallahon put his sword and shield onto his back and turns his head to his kids.

“You two, we are leaving, now!” He said in an angry tone. He was not too happy with them at the moment. They did not heed their father’s warning and disobeyed his wishes. Gallahon got onto his Dragorse as Kronis and Rose got back to theirs. The fox jumped into Rose’s pouch that was strapped onto her horse’s hip. Gallahon waited for them as they got onto their horse’s and rode off with Gallahon leading them back home, back to the castle.

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