FOREVER KNIGHTS: #7 King of Assassins

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BOOK SEVEN of the Forever Knight Series “Have a man come at me with a dagger and I shall have a dagger. Have him attack me with a sword and I shall pierce him with a sword. Have him shackle me and I’ll crush his throat with those shackles. I’m an exceptional killer. I’ll kill my enemy with whatever gifts he brings me…” -Savage Jack. The tale of the Forever Knights Continues. Shapeshifting wolves, panthers and dragons war for Ardae. Demons are prevalent, controlled by their sinister master. Dread witches run rampant, magic is an everyday occurrence and kings and queens turn their fealty whichever way offers them the most power that day. They all know perilously little of my existence. But they're going to… I grew up eating the rats in the dungeon of the Grier Citadel until my father, King Ocnomad paid an assassin to drown me in the river. Fueling my unending rage. But demons saved me. More than any, the demon master's dark warlord, Chavias Derenoe. Now I rule the Blue Lark Assassins Guild. And every assassin knows my rules. I am Acel Jaxson, Savage Jack. Assassin, murderer, warrior. I kill without blinking. Man or woman. My code is simple: Don’t betray me or I’ll kill you. And don’t pull a weapon on me unless you wish to be killed with it. Only one betrays me and lives. In a world where I’m King, she is my Queen. But she has yet to realize she's already mine...

Fantasy / Romance
Manda May
Age Rating:

Revisiting the Past


Forever Knights: Emergence



Forever Knights: Rise of the King of Assassins



Forever Knights: Forsaking the Vanquished



Forever Knights: Battling Black Roses



Forever Knights: Subjugation of Beasts



Forever Knights: Malevolent Attentions

Deragan Black’s pack of immortal knights not only have extraordinary abilities but can shapeshift into dragons and wolves amongst other things.

Ardae seems happily oblivious of Radix Malorum’s demonic plague descending over the country like the fiercest sickness.

The Forever Knights numbers continue to dwindle.

Raese Merlinus has awoke from dreams of the past both shedding scales and, on another occasion, as a wolf. He fights to regain his memory and identify his mysterious wraith, Calisto. And who she was to him. And why she’s locked outside this plane.

Chavias Derenoe is Radix’s warlord. But has found solace in the Winter Dread he’s harboring. Hiding her from Radix’s evil army.

Radix twists human souls every day that passes. Okine his dark commander finding every opportunity to turn human souls. Whispering promises of their darkest desires to sway them to join him.

The Forever Knights’ remaining hope lay leveraged in the Watcher Breed.

Savage Jaxson has become Radix’s most formidable foe. As King of the Assassins, he’s now engaged in a single-handed mission to turn the tide of evil in Ardae. Meanwhile his influence continues to rise. The Blue Lark Assassin’s Guild, his base of operations, is now the greatest Trader Market in Ardae, the Undermarket.

Deragan woos his mate in her newest form. Fighting for the patience to follow his carefully laid plans.

The Dark Dread Queen of Nightway, Marod works to form an alliance with Charles Danbury, Lord of MidGale City.

Alazar proposes to Savage Jack an opportunity to raid Danbury as he siphons goods out of Nightway Realm to the City. Hoping to make amends for the assassins he's recently murdered.

Rhyers has been collaborating with Samuel Marshall hunting Cimmerii even as he pretends to be a spy for the Paladinian crown.

Chastain has just realized Acharius is flesh and blood and no haunting spirit. And she will know more.

Sebastian has sent Dorena from WaterRose to appease Elsabet. But she's not warmed to him even after all this time. Other then a few occasions when she warmed his bed.

Teverius has noticed that one of his former Demon Dogs, Groomsman seems to be watching over Teverius rather than his Huntress as he was commanded.

Chavias was ordered to find the Forever Knight infant born to one of his brethren. He'd done so only after Radix had vowed not to harm the baby. Thinking the demon master wanted to keep an eye on it until old enough to sway toward Cimmerii.

Chavias should've known better...

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