FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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ALAZAR - Avoiding Bast's Ghastly Details

“I worry the most for Alazareth. He has little humor, little pleasure to get him through his days. He thinks only of honor, of duty. And I think more than anything, he regrets dragging his brother into this life.

If he could find some glimmer of happiness, the whole lot of us might see a man we’ve never witnessed. One so full of life we’d envy him. I sense it there in him waiting to be drawn out.

I pray that day comes before Chavias comes hunting him…”

-Captain Deragan Black told the Fallen on a cold Winter day. Next to warm fire.

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier Country


“She’s a what!” Alazar shook his head as if trying to clear it. “Explain this to me again?”

Why did I ask that? Alazar wondered as his twin took a long breath preparing to do just that. I don’t want to know… His upper lip curled. I just want Bast to shut up.

Catching the scent of the spring breeze wafting in the window slits, he was hard pressed to focus on anything Sebastian said.

It’s nonsense anyway.

“What in Bloody Hell is a valkyrie? When you said you were finally going to explain all this to me, I didn’t expect it to be this complicated.”

“Part woman, part bird…huntress.” Bast supplied. He massaged his right shoulder. The Sarabi bite had healed long ago but it still ached frequently.

Yes, that clarifies it. Alazareth’s blue-green eyes flashed in annoyance.

“What does she hunt?”

“Us.” Bast said so cheerfully it only confused Alazar more. “And our amulets.”

Oh, no she won’t. Why hasn’t he killed her already if she’s an enemy?

“The Dragon’s Eye?”

Bast nodded, smiling.

Why’s he grinning like a fool? What’s gotten into him?

“And why are you keeping her?” Alazar rubbed his temple in a circular motion.

“Because she’s rare. I’m studying her. Besides, she’s a danger to humanity. Radix would love to control her. Oh, and…because I want to bed her.”

Ugh. Bloody Hell. That’s the last thing I want in my head.

“You want-what!” He tossed his arms. “I’m grateful you’ve healed from the Sarabi bite.” Alazareth gestured. Running a hand down his face. “That was all I came to get you through. Ensure you were still as ridiculous as ever and there’s no lasting damage, but I find you still keeping this ludicrous captive despite the Captain’s orders.”

“The Captain will understand.” Bast eyed Alazar warily. “I simply need to find the proper way to explain…”

“Why you’ve defied him…Because you want to lie with her…” Alazareth grunted.

“Well no, likely I shouldn’t mention that…”

Enough! Alazar tossed his hands. This is a preposterous conversation.

One I’ve no patience for!

The lure of going for a walk was impossible to resist any longer. Far more pleasing then thoughts of Bast bedding some poor beast.

Besides, if I continue to stand here, I’m likely going to wring his neck. Alazar’s brows descended.

And that never ends well for either of us…It’s impossible to kill him. Alazareth headed down to the foyer.

“Where are you going?” His twin called.

Anywhere but here.

“Outside. Your irritating me.”

“What makes today special?” Bast scowled at Alazar’s back before harrumphing and continuing down the corridor.

Not a damn thing!

“Good riddance.” Bast called after him. Waving him on. “You weren’t listening anyway! I’ve no idea how to explain why I still have her here to the Captain but don’t worry about my troubles, Dear Brother.” He called after his twin.

Alazar’s boots clicked down the stairs and over the marbled entry. He crossed the bailey and leaned in the Bridge House, seeing Dimitrius wasn’t in there, he flicked the wheel to lower the drawbridge. The wooden frame was twisted together rather than hammered. Intricately carved with rose vines. Meaningful to only the Captain, the brotherhood of knights, and the Fallen herself.

Roses were forever her favorite. In all her lives. That piece was always the same. One of the few threads of commonality in all of them. That, her silver-blonde hair, and her unabiding love for the Captain.

Once across its planks Alazar hopped from the rim to the grass below. Boots crunching dewy stalks. His long stride hinted at his animal nature. Silent through lush foliage, he batted branches aside.

I’ve no patience today. He recognized. Though it didn’t change his foul mood.

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