FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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I Dislike Children

“Then you must come back the day after tomorrow.” She insisted.

Starting to shake his head, he saw her face crumple and her shoulders slump.

“’re my only friend, Alazareth.”

What? What foolishness is this? His eyes roved her little round face and he felt himself giving in and steadied himself. Drawing a deep breath, he straightened his shoulders. But as he twisted to go, she caught his large hand. Gripping his fingers.

He winced at the feel of her tiny hand. Too tiny.

“Please come back!”

He gave a heavy sigh. “I’ll be here the day after tomorrow.”

Though it’s a waste of time.

But her saying he was her only friend was echoing in his mind.

Her gleeful squeal startled him. Before he knew it, she launched up to wrap her arms about his waist. Hugging him.

He peeled her off as though she were a dangerous parasite.

I can’t be your friend. I know nothing of children. I hardly remember being one. He grunted.

I’ve not the patience for this. Rolling his eyes Heavenward he groaned. I won’t be back after this next time. He assured himself.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

He left the clearing around the wake but stayed in the vicinity to follow her back to Nightway. Ensuring she’d made it safely, he walked around the ridge of the moat. Spotting an imprint which made his stomach sink. A track.

Small and rounded it was tipped in pointed claws on all four feet with brushing just behind it. Where the coiling tail had swept moist dirt.

A Cimmerii Noni. He looked back up at the castle worriedly.

Cimmerii are here? The idea of a Noni feasting on her made him want to wretch.

She’s probably unaware demonic creatures even exist.

Pacing around it to look for more he shoved a hand through his hair. Dammit.

I’m not letting them get to her. Which meant he was going to be sticking around Nightway Castle.

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