FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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Where She Came Through

Acharius swore as he marched through the Merwood. Swinging his arm to disperse the fog clinging to him.

“Radix you evil bastard! You collected them to kill them!” He shouted into the darkness. “To slaughter like piglets at the block if they refused you.”

Had some grace not intervened, the she’d be dead now. But who?

Someone helped save this one precious soul. Acharius couldn’t define how that made him feel.

Debt. Was the closest he could come.

Acharius entered the mouth of his cave. Winding expertly through the turns to the familiar dead end. Tilting his head, he let the yellow eyes of his beast to the fore, illuminating darkness to see the wall. And the ashen burn…A perfect outline complete with long hair and folded wings.

Here. He touched it with reverent fingertips. Here is where you came through.

Forever staining this rock.

You’re a Watcher. Acharius knew what that meant. Knew the danger she was in. She doesn’t know what she is…

You’re why Cimmerii are here now. They sensed her energy.

I’m going to have to work harder, set more traps if I want to keep her safe.

His racing heart steadied with resolve. She’s a Watcher. It is my duty.

Acharius emerged early this eve to get in a hunt before heading to check the perimeter of the House. Rounding the bend in the trail leading to the House, he saw his row of traps tucked in the brush. Eyes flashing yellow, he saw in the dark.

Long thin black tails crossed the path. Three Nonis caught in my traps tonight.

A rustle behind him drew his attention. He loaded two arrows in his bow, one on each side of the string. Unleashing them as he twisted. Aiming for the orange-red glow.

Both arrows sunk deep in their faces, between their eyes. Blinding them as fast as he’d spun.

Radix would’ve only seen a man in a cape. Hood up. Acharius smirked. Send your Cimmerii, Demon. I’ll kill them all.

Except Chavias. A niggling voice whispered. Acharius knew what his chances against the superior fighter were, though he hated admitting it.

Acharius’ huge frame and lethal accuracy with a bow, made him a force to be reckoned with in any battle. But Chavias beats us all with his ability to fight as two men at once. Operating both sides of his body independently.

Damn him for turning on us!

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