FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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“Do you feel his energy?” He asked.

“I do.” She smiled at Bast like a child sharing a secret. A smile that warmed him.

Her eyes returned to Sivikon and she tenderly stroked his mane. “It vibrates all around me. At first, I was scared to touch him.”

Bast savored her wonder. Hoping to hold onto it as long as he could. This side of her that was almost childlike was infinitely rare to glimpse. “Then what changed?”

“I was lured. By the knowledge in his eyes.” She smiled softly running her hand along the stallion’s head to his ear, lovingly.

Why won’t she touch me like that?

“Wisdom beasts don’t usually possess.” She continued thoughtfully.

An underhanded jab at me?

As if sensing his line of thinking, she whispered. “Horses don’t possess.”

He dismissed his paranoia. She’s only speaking of him.

“That’s because he’s no horse. He’s my steed.” Bast said proudly. “I raised him from a colt. Tamed him to me.”

“Broke him?”

“I didn’t break him. I tamed him to my hand. Many long hours of patience.”

But nowhere near as many as you’re taking.

“I’d not thought you’d lower yourself to such menial tasks?” Her superior tone returned.

A reaction to his prideful attitude, he assumed. Disappointment filled him that her excitement had gone so quickly.

You’d be surprised what I’ll do for the right reward.

“There’s much about me you don’t know Elsabet.” He said softly. “But you need only ask.”

“I have asked!” She argued.

“You’ve asked me about information to aid your escape. Nothing about me as a man.”

“I asked how you became King of the Castle of Water.”

I know what you’re doing.

“Aye.” He nodded. Straightening. “So, you can find a way to bring my downfall. To dry out this castle.” He gestured around him.

“You think me so cold?”

“Colder…To me anyway.” He corrected. “What would it be like to be something you love? That I’d like to know…”

Her throat moved as she swallowed hard. Averting her focus back to the stallion who stared at her with large trusting eyes. “His eyes are like sunlight on water. Blue with sparkling lights in them. Silver flecks.”

“That’s the magic.” Bast said.

As if on cue, Sivikon shook his mane causing sparkling white flakes to splinter from it and coast their way into the straw.

“He’s rare. And beautiful.” She caressed a reverent hand down his soft muzzle.

“Oh, to be a silver stallion just now…” He put a hand to his heart dramatically.

She tossed him a withering look. “I thought you’d be as like to tell me you’re a fine golden one.”

“Would it pique your interest if I did?” He twitched a brow and flashed a grin.

Her brows lowered, and her lip curled faintly before she turned her attention back to worshippingly touching the beast’s face. Leaning forward to press her cheek to Sivikon’s.

“He’s so majestic.” She sighed. Unsurprised when only silence met her words. It was like him to leave so abruptly.

She jumped slightly when he spoke again, having thought he’d gone.

“He’s like you.” Bast told her. “He shines brightest at night.”

She shot him a look, but he’d gone back toward the castle and never saw it.

Sebastian wandered WaterRose. Step purposeful as he stopped through the many chambers to visit the other knights. He slowed as he found the Captain’s bedchamber door open.

He’s here?

“Captain?” He slowed in surprise. Peering in the doorway.

“He’s downstairs.” Rhyers emerged from his chamber to advise.

“When did he get here?”

“While you were working on the wall this morning. He says she’s starting to rise. He can feel her power.”

The Fallen.

“So soon?” Bast was stunned.

“Apparently, so.” Rhyers nodded. “I’m heading back to Mane.”

“You only came in a few nights ago.” Bast grumbled.

“Yes. But I’ve been listening to the rage of your bird for a few days now. You enjoy angering her. And you only want me here as a buffer.”


“I enjoy watching her flush with passion.”

“You mean fury?” Rhyers lifted a black brow.

Either or.

Bast shrugged. “The library?”

Rhyers nodded.

The Fallen. Sebastian thought as he wandered downstairs. It was nigh time Bast went to work helping Deragan pour through the pages.

Bast found several of the rolled lengths of parchment on the Fallen’s recent movements. He headed down the mountain toward Grier. Planning to run a line straight to the Dread Hideout. To Acharius.

He can look for Radix’s newest lair while he’s at it.

He’ll be delighted.

Despite that most would assume with his upbringing, Acharius would’ve had little culture, he’d experienced much in those years at sea. Visited numerous countries during his raids. It’d been he that mapped Ardae for them. Chronicling every location, they’d ever found the Fallen.

No one has more time…Bast thought dryly.

Acharius always complained of boredom. He’d already read every book Bast had taken him just six nights ago.

He’ll have something to read now. Bast thought. Knowing Acharius’ joy would turn to gloom at the sight of the scrolls.

Enough time has passed. Sebastian knew. It’s time we start looking for her…

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