FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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CHAVIAS - Okine & Libby Suffer

Stone Peak, Black Mountains, Battling Border


Chavias could hear tormented grunting. He knew the sounds of a healing fever. When someone’s body was trying to recover from vicious wounds.

Earlier tonight he’d past Radix’s Throne Room and saw two figures laid out on the wet stone floor. The huge thick-chested figure of Okine writhing in pain from a wound somewhere on his legs that had bled all over the floor.

A small feminine figure lay next to him. She rasped as she fought to breathe. Her back and throat arching as she tried to heave in breaths through a gaping neck. Both were badly wounded. Nonis surrounded them. Greedily lapping at the wounds and beginning the fever that’d burn out infection as they cleansed the wounds with dark energy.

Using it to heal their injured.

Disgusting. Chavias had always preferred the suffering of healing to the repulsive suggestion of letting the Nonis near him to lick his cuts. I’d rather suffer.

Chavias had managed to wander close enough to catch sight of the perfect flat wounds gouging into the back of Okine’s heels. He knew those precision slits.

Made with Sebastian’s matching blades. Blades he keeps razor sharp. They can cut skin so deeply that it takes a moment to begin to bleed.

That sharp.

Chavias grunted in approval. Well done, Protector. Chavias couldn’t help wondering who Sebastian had been defending. It was someone.

And Sebastian had won.


Chavias heard the screams. And realized that the evil in his soul had grown because some small piece of him enjoyed the sounds. Savored Okine’s tormented suffering.

Hoping to hear more of it.

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