FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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June 1717 Lucien - Too Many Cups to Adequately Flee a Mob

Innercircle City, Mane Country (Immortal three-hundred nine years)


Lucien Sabias moved through the streets at an unnatural pace. Street candles flickered above him. Sputtering out as he drew near. The night impossibly still. The cobbled streets barren. Shimmering silver under layers of rain and pale moonlight. His boots clicked on the surface.

He swore vehemently. Wishing he’d not consumed so much drink. It’s slowing my reflexes. Making it hard to change.

He cursed about the demon that’d brought the rage of InnerCircle, Mane down around his ears.

This country is already held together by a tenuous balance. With all the rumors of demons in the bordering country of Igonox, people were always looking for someone to turn on.

And now this?

Lucien warred with his guilt over the girl’s lost life. He stared at the dark silvered stones underfoot.

How did I not see it coming?

Lucien’s step quickened. He recalled the face of the lovely innocent that’d died tonight. Miss DeLaine.

A pretty little thing. Dark flowing hair and wide doe eyes. She did no more wrong then follow him around the masquerade. Her affections obvious to all who saw her. She’d pursued Lucien for many months. Despite all his avoiding her.

Finally she'd declared that if he were not to have her she'd dally with the young Lord of Worthington. A spoiled, selfish boy.

"I'm not for you, Girl."

"Do you think he'll have such scruples. I wish to know afore my father has me married off."

So he'd agreed to meet her in an upstairs chamber.

By the time he'd walked in, Miss DeLaine had been as bare as the day she was born. Sitting on the bed and giving him an inviting look. Rubbing her large rounded breasts.

"Come." She held out a hand to him.

When he drew near she replaced her hand with his. "Touch me. I want to know what it is to be touched by a man before my father has me married to Lord Delacroix."

"Delacroix?" Lucien expostulated. "He's an old drunk."

"But he's name enough, and my father wants that prestige. He is only a Baron, after all."

"Are you certain this is what you want?" He complied in massaging her breast. Groaning at the feel of her soft flesh.

"What do you think?" She slid his hand down the curve of her fuller stomach to the crux of her lush thighs. Where she tucked his hand under her.

Immediately he felt the dampness there. Knowing he hardened in response. His wolf caught the scent of a woman's arousal. Making the beast him in growl low in his throat.

"What is that sound?" She asked gleefully. "It's nearly primal!"

"More so then you might think." He grunted.

She yanked him down atop her. Clumsily forcing his shirt out of his pants and up his chest so she could massage his rippling abdomen and hard thighs. Before catching his staff in a fist.

"Whoa, My Dear." He caught her hand. "Contain your fervor or I fear you might be a bit rough with him."

"I see." She nodded slowly. Stroking more gently until Lucien was breathing raggedly with need.

Then she opened her thighs and guided him to her opening.

Once there, Lucien felt his body tightening. Fighting for control as he eased into her warm flesh.

"Oh!" She cried out. Curving her legs up next to his hips. Her back arching as he felt him entering her fully.

Pretty thing. He watched her writhing in pleasure as he began stroking her lightly.

"Are you at ease?" He asked.

She bit her lip and nodded. "More."

He complied. Delving further into her and stroking. His powerful buttocks flexing with each long caress. Until he felt the heat between them mounting.

Soon she was panting. Her thighs beginning to shiver as her body shuddered and dampened him.

Only after seeing she'd attained her pleasure did he move more slowly. When finally he was nearly bursting, he drug out of her and caught himself in a fist. Finishing his gratification.

She crooned and stroked his shoulder as he sat up.

"You were no innocent." He smiled knowingly at her over his shoulder.

"No." She admitted. "I'll have many more lovers before father weds me to that old bat."

She will too.

There was much conviction in her voice.

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