FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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SEBASTIAN - Wounded & Crabby

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier Country (Elsabet is captive for fifteen years)


Sebastian was in a foul mood. Exhausted from leading an angry mob through the center of InnerCircle City to let Lucien Sabias, half drunk, escape to the sky.

It’d taken longer than he expected to shake them. But he’d caught the shine of a gray dragon sneaking up into the sky, and knew Lucien escaped the mob.

But a couple well-placed rocks had his back aching. His head and shoulders had been pelted with rocks by the angry mob he’d lead halfway through InnerCircle City. A particularly huge boulder struck him on the peak of his right hip. Making his rear end slump and his leg go numb briefly.

They’d been greatly displeased to find it was an animal leading them through the City rather than their intended quarry.

He winced as he walked. Holding a hand to his lower back just above his hip. It’s still swollen and purple and aches into my back.

He’d like to blame it for his sour demeanor. But really it’s just Elsabet.

Her smell. The sound of her step. He could hear her in her chamber. Walking the hall. Going to the Dining Room to grab a trencher and retreat to her chamber.

She’s dodging me.

It won’t continue. His turquoise eyes hardened in the firelight. His grip on the armrest was just under crushing.

So many years have gone by. Still Bast was as eager to return to her today, as he’d been that first sennight.

And she’s as bent on avoiding me. Eyes closed, he watched her in the hall above him. Seeing her in his mind’s eye, as she strolled the corridor in a shining gold gown.

One I got her. He noted with pleasure. Instead of rushing to see her today, he’d opted, as he occasionally did, to sit in the library and await her.

Let her come to me.

She paused her trek through the corridor as she glimpsed the silver fur of a wolf wandering a chamber beyond an open door. It’s coat ruffling as it moved. Thick muscles under the skin making its steps sleek.

Not unusual in WaterRose. The beasts often came and went with the moon’s movements.

This one skittered into the shadows as it saw her. Sending her a curious yellow-eyed look.

She resumed walking the corridor.

A couple cats played in her path. Reaching down she rubbed one’s head. He often heard her whispering to them. Recognizing them, she called them by names she’d given.

He hadn’t failed to notice her peace when she watched them roaming the halls.

I was right about her. He thought.

She stepped over them and a cat huffed as it leapt on her dragging skirt. Turning in surprise, she giggled raucously as she teased the feline by gently pulling her skirt as she walked sideways.

She giggles? He shifted, nearly in shock.

In all these years I only thought I heard her giggle once...

After a time, she knelt next to the dark feline she’d dubbed Onyx, to pet him. The cat leaned and arced, rumbling contentedly and savoring her touch. She turned her head and gave a slight smile as she enjoyed the feel of his fur between her fingers.

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