FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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Lucien Tries to Calm Me

Lucien entered the library and spotted Sebastian sitting intently in his library chair.

He was leaned forward and eyes completely coated gold. Mouth white and jaw ticking. All signs that didn’t bode well.

“What’s amiss?” Lucien approached warily. “That is a black look on your face. In-fact I don’t recall ever seeing it on you afore.”

“The woman. She’s laughing with the cats.”

“You’re woman?” Lucien’s brow furrowed. “I didn’t know that railing creature even cracked a smile.”

He’d noticed since his return to WaterRose that Bast was often preoccupied with the valkyrie who seemed not all pleasant. Less so, when Bast was gone.

“Cats?” Lucien shuddered. “Clawed beasts.”

“She pets them.”

“That is what most do…”

“Never has she touched me like that!” He spat.

Despite my efforts.

“You want her to pet you?”


“Yes!” He slapped the armrest violently. His instantaneous answer surprised even himself.

“The mighty Sebastian Bodane…Brought down by a slip of a woman.” Lucien teased. A smile dancing around his mouth.

Bast gave a primal growl at his friend’s prodding. “She only offers me venom!”

Lucien remained on his feet. Sensing the situation was tense, his smile vanished. “Whatever you’re thinking on doing…I’d suggest you calm down first. Recall you’re still healing from your last wounds.”

“And why did I get those again?” He turned his head dangerously.

“Don’t take your frustrations out on me.” Lucien dismissed.

He’s right. I am. Bast could admit to himself. Just the idea of her trailing those soft hands over his body as tenderly as she caressed that cat, fueled his indignation. He shifted uncomfortably at his reaction to the thought.

“If you want her, tell her. But do so kindly.”

I’m about done with kindness.

“I think of it endlessly.” He admitted waspishly. “But she won’t let me close enough to brush her damn hair!”

Lucien coughed a little to choke back his humor at the irony. He tilted his head chidingly. “You’re truly this enraged over a lonely manhood?”

Lonely is not the word I’d use.

“Truly Lucien, I’ve been nothing but kind to her. Fed her with my own hands.” He held them before him palm up. Staring at them in confusion. “I’ve brought her wine, cheeses, fresh fish…Delicacies from every corner of Ardae.” He gestured agitatedly.

“Do you talk to her? Tell her of your adventures, perhaps?” Lucien headed over to the little table between the chairs. The fire casting an orange glow over his darkly tanned features and shining over his dark brown hair.

“As much as she’ll let me.”

“But?” Lucien lifted a black brow. Pinching a hazelnut from the jar which now sat near Bast’s elbow.

“I long to confide in her but she’s impossible to reach. Unwilling to bond in any way!”

“In all this time, she’s not warmed to you?” Shock was apparent on Lucien’s face. All remnant of jesting replaced by true surprise. “Has she submitted to you at all?”

“She’s more likely to slit me then sheath me.”

“Sheath?” Lucien shook his head, horrified at the imagery.

“Sometimes she’s as cold today as the afternoon I carried her into WaterRose.” Bast’s frustration drove him to his feet.

Lucien put a staying hand on his shoulder. “Do not go in your anger.”

“I wish to talk to her.”

Amongst other things. Bast’s eyes narrowed on Lucien’s hand.

An unwelcome interference.

“It’ll not help your cause. She won’t take it kindly.”

“I don’t give a damn how she takes it!” Bast brushed past Lucien, who let him.

“It’s your decision to make, Brother. But an unwise one, nonetheless. I’m fair certain that creature upstairs wants to kill us. Whichever of us is fool enough to get close…I don’t think she’ll take kindly to you coming at her in a rage.”

Bast growled in his throat, tossing Lucien a sideways look over his shoulder as he took the stairs two at a time.

Lucien grunted. “Whatever possesses a man…” He warily eyed the floor above him. Pitying Bast for his affections for the creature.

Sebastian stalked into her chamber and found her kneeling on the fur next to the fire. Absentmindedly stroking the cat resting in her arms. Chin buried in its fur as she rocked it gently. Whispering softly.

Looking very much like a little girl.

Seeing him barging in, she leapt to her feet. His full force shoving the door made the bite in his shoulder ache instantly, but he hardly noticed.

“Am I not kind to you?” He roared. Chest heaving as he stood in the circle of candlelight. Gold eyes glowing in frustration.

Aside from right now.

Rising immediately, dislike written over her face, she scowled at him towering over a foot above her. He felt her distaste at his superior height.

“You’re not anything to me.” She fired at him. Before rushing past him.

Oh, no you don’t! He spun on his heels to follow her. Chasing her step as she took the stairs and retreated to the library.

“Where are you going?” He caught her elbow and she spun to face him. He released her after seeing the brief flash of fear in her eyes. “I asked you a question!”

He looked around. Grateful Lucien was no longer in attendance to witness the spat. I don’t need him interfering.

She faced him to walk backwards into the bookshelves. “Is there even a book in these aisles with my answers or were you just toying with me?” She snapped defensively at his dark tone.

His frown deepened. “I asked you a question.”

And you are going to answer.

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