FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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Freeing The Figurine Dragons

As he reached the top of the stairs, he glimpsed the firelight emerging from the open door and hoped Elsabet would be in his chair reading. Her favorite place.

Instead he found Alazar pacing before the fire in a fine rage. Bast’s shoulders slumped.

“You cannot!” He was shouting after a short argument ensued. Finding him replacing Alazar to pace by the fire while Alazar stared back at him with equal annoyance.

The hell I can’t! Alazareth thought. Eyes narrowing.

The room was dark with the evening storm, but it didn’t interfere with their sight. Both men saw as well at night as during the day.

Alazar’s blue-green eyes flashed silver in challenge.

“I understand your need for vengeance for the child, believe me Brother...”

The hell you do!

“But this is too close to the stronghold.” Bast continued. “If Radix catches the scent of magic here, you could reveal us.” Bast prowled near the fireplace his gaze steady on his twin over the high collar of his rain cloak.


“Alazar, you can’t.” He said firmly.

I can.

“I will.”

“Then let’s consult the Captain.” He glanced upstairs.

Not a chance!

“He’ll order me not to!” Alazareth objected.

“And rightly so!” Bast uttered. “I’m on your side. I would defend the child also. But you can’t murder her mother to do it.”

Yes, yes, I can.

“She needs killing. You should’ve seen the child’s face. That queen is one of Radix’s, I assure you.”

“I’ve no doubt brother. You’re not one to become easily unnerved.”

“No.” Alazar stiffened. “I’m not. But that-that-woman could’ve killed her. Radix could’ve gotten his evil hands on her.”

That’s not going to happen. His teeth ground.

“Then stay close. Protect her. Look after her until she’s old enough to defend herself. I’ll take care of things here and for the Captain. Guard the girl, ease her pain, and keep her safe when you can, but do not kill the mother. Radix will know the scent of our killing and will come running. Then your little friend will be in more danger then she is now.”

The wisdom in those words had Alazar wincing. “For once, you’re right.”

As much as it pains me to admit.

“Excuse me.” Bast slid a finger up to bend an ear forward. “I must have problems with my hearing. Could you say that again?”


“Never.” Alazar muttered. “Never again.”

Bast’s smile vanished. “I’m here for you, Brother. If you need help you need only let me know and I shall be there to help protect the wee one.”

Alazar gave a stiff nod. “Fine. Then send your little dragons to scour the grounds. See if they can find the Cimmerii spies.”

Bast grimaced.

“I know it pains you.” Alazar said.

But I need you to do it. Badly.

“I think you know not how much.” Bast scoffed.

“Free them Bast.” Alazar’s tone turned dangerous.

If you’ll not help me, I’ll handle matters myself.

Bast must’ve read it on his face. “Fine.” He groaned and began unbuttoning his overcoat and jerking free of his tunic under his brother’s watchful eye, exposing the black markings painted over his body. “Do you intend to stand there the whole time?”

“Aye. I intend to see if you die in the process.”

And watch over you while your vulnerable. Alazareth couldn’t drop his pride enough to admit it.

“I may.” Bast grumbled. Comforted by his brother’s presence despite his irritation.

“One can only hope.”

Bast tossed his shirt toward Alazar’s head. Gratified when it landed across his twin’s face.

“You wreak of sweat.” Alazar ripped his face free in abhorrence.


“It’s a man’s smell. Savor it.”

“Are you certain? Because your frilled shirts imply otherwise.”

“Remind me,” Sebastian returned. “Am I doing you a favor?”

Alazar’s lips tightened. But he was silent.

Two hours later, Sebastian leaned limply against the wall. Exhausted from what it’d taken from him to release the beasties. Several slashes on his chest still bled. The black markings wound up his arms, returning to his back. He drew ragged breaths.

It’s always brutal to witness. But Alazar was impatient.

“Well?” He asked quietly. True to his word, he’d watched over his twin in his vulnerable state.

“There’s nothing out there. Not now, anyway.” Bast swallowed weakly. “There is traces where they’ve been. Their stink still in the woods.”

As I feared…

“Anything recent?”


Thank God.

“Anything close to the castle?”

“Just Radix. A trail of ash leads in through the woods and to the kitchen entrance in the castle bailey. That must’ve been how he got in. But it doesn’t look like he had his usual army of Cimmerii out and around. He must feel relatively safe at Nightway.” Bast had to pause to gulp again. Sliding down the wall to his knees weakly.

“The Nightway Queen protects him. Nothing would dare harm him there.” Alazareth sneered. Wanting nothing so much as to sever her head from her body.

“Except us.”

“Except us.” Alazareth nodded. Adding, “Thank you, Brother.” Alazar roughly patted Bast’s shoulder as he rose from crouching next to him. Rattling Bast’s already pained body. Much to Alazar’s amusement.

Bast winced at the contact and gripped his ribs, panting in pain. “Have I mentioned how greatly I dislike you, as of late?”

Alazar laughed as he left. “You’ll be fine.”

Cease your belly aching.

“Had I the strength, I’d clock you.” Sebastian panted. Cradling his only recently healed shoulder which was now filled with blinding pain again.

But you don’t…Poor brother. Alazar was laughing as he exited through the foyer.

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