FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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CHAVIAS - Radix's Games Nearly Break Me


Chavias was agonized. Seeing the pain written over the steadfast Viking rent through him. I had no choice.

“I am so disappointed…” The rasping hiss was along the back of his shoulders.


The withered demon stood behind him, away from view of everyone abandoning the tavern.

“I’d so hoped you’d refused to kill one of them.”

I know.

If I hadn’t obeyed, you’d have killed them both.

“I wanted to end the both of them.” Radix’s hiss confirmed what Chavias already knew.

It had been a test. When Radix had ordered him to kill one of the knights, Chavias had quickly determined Dearburn’s loss would harm the Forever Knights less then the guardian of the artifacts.

Why were you away from your den anyway? He thought bitterly. Wanting to somehow blame him for the situation.

But it is my fault. The admonition was crushing.

Stone Peak, Black Mountains, Battling Border

“Chavias?” Calisto whispered into the dark cave chamber. Disrupting his agonized thoughts.

Acharius will never forgive me.

He and Dearburn have been close since the 1400s.

“I’m here.” His voice was choked. Barely rising from the cot. Feeling too weary to move.

Radix sent me to kill Dearburn to make me suffer. Chavias knew the truth. But that didn’t keep it from working. He banished such painful thoughts.

“Can you help me?”

“Always.” He murmured. He could only see the motion of the shadows that signified her outline.

She’s very weak.

“You’re tiring.” He said.

“I keep searching for him. Trying to reach him. Trying to find out where he is.”

“If you tell them where, they’ll go to him.”

“I know. But there is only one that sees me well.”

He grunted. Understanding her frustration.

“You don’t sound well either.” She was worried.

I’m exhausted.

“I get infections in the wounds.”

“From dull knives.” She said weakly. Her cold touch brushed his arm and he sensed weight on the edge of his cot. She began draining the animal energy from within him. “You’re very weak yourself.” She said fearfully.

“The demon brings a woman.”

Calisto was silent.

He elaborated. “She takes from me.”

“I’m sorry.” Calisto murmured.

“It’s good. It keeps the beasts from wrenching me apart.”

“I wish I could free you.” She told Chavias. And he felt her cold touch along his cheek. More real than her previous touch. And he could catch glimpses of her face in the dark now. As she was fueled by what little energy, she’d drained from him.

“I know.” He said. Turning from her touch.

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