FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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CHAVIAS - A Secret Alliance

Stone Peak, Black Mountains, Battling Border


There were more days of torment chained to that miserable cot. Only to be removed to the lower chambers so Okine could administer dull blades to him. Then bound to the cot some more with anguish screaming through him.

His mind was consumed with thoughts of red ringlets and a soft body. Deiti.

Come back to me. The escape from suffering was addictive. He craved nothing more than the woman again. Still clearly picturing her in his mind with her strange orange glow and shining red hair.

I need her. He jerked against the shackles when he suddenly felt pressure wrapping his forearm. A fisting grip. Slender fingers biting into his skin.

After calming from the surprise, he registered what happened. Turning his head, he spared the creature gripping him, only a cursory glance.

Then he did what he’d done for years now. Give her what she needs.

Closing his eyes, he let his head fall back. He eased and flowed his energy from his limbs. Guiding it into the forearm clenched so tightly.

And into the being clutching his arm.

After a moment he heard her rapid speech as she tried to talk to him.

Begging for help.

In moments her image flickered and appeared as he filled her with energy. She was panting from the exertion of fighting to stay where she was and not fade away.

She was perilously close to disappearing this time. He sensed it.

She gave him a long look. “I vow if ever I’m free, I’ll make sure you are as well…We’ve been bound in this captivity and one day we’ll both be free of it.” Her voice was weak. Tired but steely with determination.

“I will be free one day.” He swallowed hard. Throat working. “And when I am, I’ll make damn certain you are.”

“Thank you, Chavias.” She said breathlessly as her head fell against his arm.

He nodded feebly. Too limp to move.

“You’re welcome…Calisto…”

Then he fell asleep from the exhaustion.

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