FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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Her Sentry

She backed away until her back slammed into one of the cases, jostling the books. And making her give a panicked screech.

“I don’t know why-I…” Fumbling to slap books back up over her shoulder she continued backing from him. Easing around the shelf.

Realizing he’d lost her for the night and seeing that pursuing her would terrify her. She’s afraid of surrendering. He knew he was close to sending her walls crumbling.

I can be patient awhile longer.

She will be mine. Determination set his features.

He took a daring step toward her.

Shrieking in dismay, she fled down the aisle. Ripping open the library door, her footsteps thudded up the stairs.

“Run, Little Bird. You haven’t much time left to do so…”

That night Elsabet woke bathed in sweat. Hair damp and sticking to her cheek. Panting heavily, her red eyes scanned the room. When she looked back to her right Quandary stood next to her on the bed.

He was crouched, ready to pounce should a threat emerge. Gold eyes intent on her.

“You don’t sleep next to me, do you Beast?” She stroked his thick neck.

No chance of that. He thought.

“You watch over me.” Her eyes were thoughtful on him. “My sentry.”

The animal gave her a long look but at length a voice called for Sebastian from downstairs. A voice Elsabet was learning belonged to The Captain.

The sleek panther rose, from the bed. Dropping to the floor with a dull thud he strode from the room on soundless paws. Taking the stairs two at a time before entering the expansive library.

Hello my Captain. I know what you yearn for. I feel your pain all through this castle…Your mate.

But it wasn't time yet. The Captain had been maneuvering things for months. Acquiring a rental in Meadowbrook. Casually making acquaintances that would provide introductions to the Fallen's outer circles.

He's ruthlessly systematic.

And the alpha would take his time.

Despite every moment of suffering it causes him. Bast knew it well.

I've seen him do it enough.

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