FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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SEBASTIAN - She Believes the Worst of Me

WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier Country


It was a pretty Spring morning as Elsabet headed to the stables. The smell of the musky hay and horseflesh already filling the bailey.

Where are you going? Sebastian wondered.

Quandary was not long to join her. Easing her frustration when he caressed along her side. Strangely, the other animals didn’t recoil. The kittens crowded his paws as though he were an oversized cat. He patiently licked them clean, then knocked them aside to catch the next by the scruff, hauling it over for attention.

Elsabet patted him on the thick shoulders. “Gentle beast.”

If you only knew. He blinked gold eyes up at her.

The stallion, Sivikon, leaned over the stall door to nuzzle the giant feline. Quandary rose and rubbed his back along the horse’s muzzle. Black fur stark against the horse’s flawless white.

Sivikon snorted softly in return.

“Old companions, you two.” She ruffled the horse’s mane between his ears. Calling for Quandary, she hurried from the stables.

Bast leaned in on her thoughts. Surprised to find her fear. She was disconcerted by the panther’s familiarity with the stallion. Fearing I command them both.

If she only knew…

She’s hurting. It made him ache to see her in pain. Though he enjoyed her fiery fury. Her fear and loneliness bothered him.

I want her to enjoy her time here. To be comfortable…To miss me. He admitted to himself.

She’d hoped the panther belonged to her.

Someone just for her.

But now she worried if the King of the Castle of Water wanted the animal to cease seeing her, he’d no longer visit.

I couldn’t forego the opportunity. He strolled behind her. Watching the casual swish of her pale blue dress, molded so flatteringly over her rounded hips. Making him rumble in his throat as he sought to focus on her thoughts and not on the pleasant view.

She’s afraid she’ll end up alone again.

She thought even this gift of friendship was dependent on Sebastian.

In a sense, it is. But I’ve no wish to hurt her.

But how to show her that when she’s always so willing to believe the worst of me?

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