FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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A Woman Dares Strike Savage Jack?

“A thank you would be appreciated.” She snapped. Blue eyes sparking under the hood.

What’d she say? Mardichi stared at her. Jaw dangling in shock.

Did she just reprimand the King of Assassins for his manners? What’s happening?

He chuckled. “Thank you, Murah.” He emphasized mockingly.

“Dimurah!” She shouted.

Obviously, a point of contention.

Savage Jack laughed harder.

He’s taunting her?

She stalked from their booth.

“Is she yer lover?” Mardichi blurted, immensely curious how a whelp of a girl was swatting the hand of this ferocious killer.

A lad who keeps seasoned assassins obeying his every rule.

“Gad, no!” Savage shook his head. “I’d safer lie with a Quiller.”

A Quiller was a spined beast able to inject venom through the spears jutting from its back.

That image is appalling. Mardichi winced. Worried for what could be injured in such an endeavor.

Mardichi set the bag of coin on the table and Savage Jack glanced around before sweeping it into his fist.

Slapping down the clear vial in exchange. Pointing to it. “Dangerous stuff. Don’t slosh it on you on the way to delivering it to whatever poor sop you intend it for.”

“Not me.” Mardichi shook his head vigorously. “Even I’m not that merciless. Friend of mine.”

Savage Jack nodded his head. “Best be careful drinking with your friend…” He slid it across the table.

Bast would not! I hope he wouldn’t…Mardichi eyed it a little anxiously before reluctantly stretching to grab it. Gingerly sliding the stoppered bit of glass into the pocket concealed in his cloak.

“Don’t let the Grier Guard catch you with it.” He nodded toward the pocket, “And if they do…”

“I kill them before they can do anything about it.” Mardichi nodded slowly.

“Actually, I was suggesting you lie about where you got it.” He leaned back to point at Mardichi. “But I like that better.”

He and Mardichi exchanged a long look.

“How is business?” Mardichi queried to lighten the mood.

“You mean raping the commerce from Grier?” Savage Jack took a heavy dram from his tankard.


“Well. Very well indeed.”

“Why do you do it?”

“Vengeance.” He clicked in his cheek. Indicating his discomfort with the direction of the conversation.


Savage Jack’s tension was clear. And though Mardichi liked the man, he respected what he was capable of when in this manner of mood.

I want no piece of him.

Savage Jack exuded intensity tonight. Obviously in no mood to socialize.

All business this eve.

“Good eve to ye.” Mardichi took the hint and rose.

Savage Jack waved an absentminded hand over his shoulder. Not bothering to look up from staring in his tankard.

Something heavy weighs on him today.

It took Mardichi two days to get back across Grier to WaterRose, nestled in the Meadow Mountains.

He passed off the vial to Bast who cautiously took it. Eyeing it as anxiously as Mardichi had.

RiderStone. One of the most poisonous toxins in Ardae.

Second only to Limilus which was hard to come by and extremely painful as it enters the bloodstream. Mardichi wasn't particularly fond of either.

Dying of poisoning seems a dreadful way to go.

"Be careful with that thing, Bast. I'm not going back for more. I hate that stuff."

"I'll tend it." Bast headed up to his chamber. Walking lightly.

He certainly has a target in mind for it. Mardichi pitied the man.

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