FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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Lucien Watches Over Me While I Knight Sleep

So it’s her choice.

“That’ll keep from forcing it down her throat.” Lucien nodded. Approving the tactic.

That’s my intention.

“I have to be subtle. She’s suspicious when things move to smoothly.”

Her soul has learned to be fearful of odd circumstances. Of strangers.

Straightening to roll his shoulders Deragan questioned. “How long have you been here?”

“Two days. You were resting at first. Then I thought you went straight to spirit running so I stayed to watch over you.”

Good man.

“Thank you.” Deragan murmured.

I always check on her as soon as I wake.

“What brought you down to Grier?” Deragan asked.

“I needed a reprieve from the tension between Bast and his quarry.”

“The valkyrie?”

“She scares the hell out of me. She might kill him.” Lucien said. “I’ve heard her fly into a few rages that even I would want no part of. Things breaking, words that’d make a sailor blush.” Lucien shook his head baffled. “And Bast seems to bait her into them apurpose.”

He definitely does.

I learned that while I was staying there.

“You like a feisty woman.” Deragan interjected.

“Feisty yes. But outright fatal, no.” Lucien winced.

“Have you heard from Mardichi?” Deragan changed the subject.

It’s been awhile since I got word of him.

“Rhyers said he checked on him a bit ago and met the woman.” Lucien murmured.


“Fair?” Deragan asked curiously.

“Wild, from what I understand.” Lucien laughed.

Good. She may survive him.

“Just as should be, for him.” Deragan chuckled. “Can you imagine some poor fair creature at his mercy?”

“From what Rhyers said it’s quite the other way.”

Deragan lifted an intrigued black brow. “Oh?”

Do tell.

“She has him quite wrapped about her finger.” Lucien gestured the turning motion about his index.

I hadn’t known such was possible. Deragan mulled.

“Good.” Deragan smiled and nodded.

“Are you hungry?”

Definitely. I just woke.

“Famished.” He grunted.

My stomach has near eaten itself in the last two days.

“I have some stew brewing in your fireplace.”

Bless his black soul! Deragan grinned at him.

“And that’s why I named you my Second.”

Lucien laughed outright. “You named me such because I can look at any landscape and determine an ideal attack. And spot an ambush at two hundred paces.”

Precisely true.

“Only a fraction of the reason.”

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