FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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CHAVIAS - Will I Kill Acharius?

Stone Peak, Black Mountains, Battling Border


“Concede?” Okine asked. Gripping a blood saturated spike.

My blood. Chavias thought. Blinking to fight passing out.

“I told you I did. Hours ago.”

As you know full well, you son-of-a-bitch. But he was too weak to say it.

“Did?” Okine cackled. “I not heard.” He snickered gleefully. “Say again…”

“I will kill him.”


“Yes.” Chavias’ head hung. Face carved with ancient symbols.

Symbols honoring Radix.

Hooks were imbedded in the skin of his back above his shoulder blades and in his thighs and calves.

Radix had come down twice and touched his shoulder. Exuding demon energy into Chavias. Making Chavias’ weak head lift. Eyes flashing orange as he shook his head vehemently against the filthy smell and feel of evil coursing through his veins. Like writhing maggots filling him more fully then his own blood.

The worst torture yet.

“May be too late.” Okine’s pointed teeth were visible in his huge grin. “Master may hisself.”

“He doesn’t know where he is.” Chavias said feebly.

“He do. This morning.” Okine turned to wipe the blood off, so his blade wouldn’t rust as quickly. “He drank this morn told.”

It’s possible. Chavias realized. I was so tired. After days of torture he could’ve thought of the Dread Hideout. Dreamt of it.

Any of which would’ve given Radix Acharius’ caves.

Chavias shouted in frustration. Rattling the shackles and yanking on the hooks that held him. Incredibly frustrated with the helplessness of his captivity, but unable to do anything else.

Okine jumped at his roar. Lurching back a startled step. Eying Chavias fearfully. Wondering if he’d somehow impossibly summoned some fragment of his former strength. But seeing him suddenly go limp made Okine’s laughter raise louder then Chavias’ frustration, echoing through the stone corridors.

“Crawl.” Okine ordered. Pointing to the floor.

Screw you. Chavias stood swaying side to side from exhaustion. Perilously near collapsing. His eyelids indescribably heavy.

Okine jerked on the chain holding Chavias’ shackled neck. Making him stumble several steps.

“Stop.” A man’s voice ordered.

Causing even Okine, Radix’s great commander to pause.

Who’s this?

A large man with a groomed beard and short curling brown hair stepped near Okine. Pulling the chain from Okine’s meaty hand.

“Garix! Dare talk Commander so?”

I don’t know him.

“Ye’re no’ me Commander. Ye give me no orders.” Garix eyed him up and down. “Big as ye may be, Me no shred of respect for a man who taunts another too weak ta figh’ fer hisself.” Garix snapped.

Finally. Chavias wanted to laugh but was barely managing to stay on his feet. He gave a sideways glance at Okine before stumbling a few awkward steps. If Okine had eyebrows they’d have lifted on his wrinkled forehead.

Radix stepped from his smaller chambers. “What goes on?”

Okine gestured to Garix. “He-”

Garix cut him off. “’e thinks by making a weak man crawl ’e exerts more power.”

Radix grunted. Showing he didn’t disagree.

Of course not. Chavias thought contemptuously. Realizing one side of his face was so swollen and cut up he couldn’t see out that eye.

“If ye ‘ant ta proper torture someone ta comply,” Garix muttered to Okine. “know wha’ a man will ne’er do before dyin’.” He slapped the chain back into Okine’s hand. Seeing clearly from Radix’s face that he’d lose this argument. “Ye’re a witless beas’ wit’ no honor.” Garix spat as he shouldered past Okine.

Bold, for one of Radix’s demon minions.

As the large man passed Chavias, he glimpsed a sword on his hip and a patch on his cloak signifying he was a Nightway Rebel of some rank.

Chavias’ head swayed and suddenly became too heavy to lift again.

Radix walked to him and lifted his chin inspecting both carved cheeks. And the long cut splitting his eyebrow and carving through one eye.

“Will he see out of it?”

“Not now. But healed afore.” Okine assured.

“The symbols.” Radix let Chavias’ head fall. “Artful touch. Well done.” He circled Chavias’ naked body to inspect the wounds. Some partially healed some still split wide. He picked at the flesh of one tearing across Chavias’ lower back.

Making Chavias cry out in pain.

“Have you decided to submit slave?”

Chavias held his silence.

“It matters not to me. But I will go after the Protector next. He has been on my list for some time. And if you are so protective of Sevence in the Dread Hideout than it is because he knows…” Radix’ ebony eyes glinted.

“I will kill him.” Chavias said.

Damn you Demon.

“Now you will do it more slowly. For your defiance.”

Chavias’ head lolled to one side to look at the demon.

“Through the stomach.” Radix clarified before passing Chavias to head to the deeper chambers.

Sickening Chavias and chilling his soul. No. He thought mournfully.

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