FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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Who's Rhyers?

“Just a TreeCutter, Your Highness.” Raese backed from the Hall.

“I think not.” He mulled over the green-eyed man facing him off in his own hall. “If you’d wished to keep your secrets TreeCutter, you shouldn’t have come to me to plead the case of a Water Dread declaring war. A woman who should, by all rights, be hunted down and decimated.”

Raese paused. Linking his hands behind his back. “She’s spirited, fiery and beautiful.” He tempted.

Too beautiful.

The King leaned forward, lifting a bristly black brow in interest. “Beautiful…A Dread?”

“Indeed. Possibly one of the comeliest women I’ve ever laid eyes on.” Raese nodded slowly. “I’ve plans to handle her…She won’t cause you any problems in the future.”

“Beautiful?” The King laughed loudly. “I bet you’re planning to handle her…Hmm…You remember you made me that vow.” The king pointed at him. “If she’s as fair a creature as you say, I may’ve some unpleasant work for that Dread of yours if you’re unable to control her...”

I’d kill you first. Raese’s teeth gritted.

“There’ll be no need.” He waved the king away. Disgusted.

Not a chance you’ll put a hand on her. Raese’s eyes brightened in agitation. He stamped down the realization he himself hoped to do so.

I want to be the one to get to charm her. Soften those piercing eyes of hers. He wanted to get close enough to wrap her in his arms, and strip her down to that lovely chemise she’d bathed in days ago.

He gave a throaty rumble at the image branded on his brain, in his sleeping and wakeful hours.

How the thin white linen molded rounded curves, exposing them to the soft afternoon light. And the backdrop of sparkling water shined around her thick, dark hair. Crystal eyes glistening with the same lights. A flush colored her cheeks from vigorous washing. Red bow mouth open slightly as she eyed him in surprise.

Waiting to see what I’d do.

Like a mermaid poised for escape. Ready to dive any moment. He’d approached her slowly, fearing she might do just that.

I’m not done with you yet…She was his only thought as his boots thunked across the marbled floors of Wilhelm castle heading out into the afternoon light.

Raese awoke to the cold of his chamber. Realizing the fire had died out. But that vision lingered in his mind. The stunning beauty of the water creature.

And the name he’d thought of. The spy…Rhyers?

Whose Rhyers? Raese of the past seemed very familiar with him but it was a name Raese Whiting of the present couldn’t place.

He slammed a fist down to the coverlet next to him in frustration. Head beginning to ache from probing so deeply for some fragment of a face to match the name. Someone I could find. Someone who may have descendants I know? Some connection.

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