FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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He's Dead, Where's a Barmaid?

Iron Hide, Mane Country

“I want to fight!” The barbarian roared, body vibrating with rage. Nearly shaking the card tables scattered around the well-lit room. Drawing all eyes to them.

“Why?” Rhyers whined. Shocked at Mardichi’s unexplained flare of temper.

A moment ago, they’d quietly engaged in cards and drinks. What the Hell happened when I went for a piss?

“Because I’m bloody well angry.” Mardichi’s eyes lit red and his hair crackled at the ends, as he stared over Rhyers’ head at the huge man in the corner who’d claimed to be a better assassin than the RedBayne. Knowing Mardichi was such.


“You’ll kill him.”

“Aye.” Mardichi nodded. “Why are you here?” Mardichi frowned as if just realizing Rhyers was there. Despite that they’d been drinking together all night.

To avoid the chaos of girlish emotions…

“I can spot when a man is all yip and no deathblow.” The large black-haired man taunted.

Rhyers looked at the other man in shock. Foolish thing to say to a man as big as a shack! Rhyers couldn’t help sending a disbelieving glance at the other man. He wants to die?

“He’s plenty ‘deathblow’.” Rhyers shouted over Mardichi’s furious bellow. He pushed harder against the barbarian’s chest. But found his heels sliding as Mardichi slid his weight as he moved forward.

Knowing full well he wasn’t going to stop the redheaded giant if he was intent on ripping the other man apart.

“Mardichi!” Rhyers said urgently, thinking fast.

Mardichi huffed. Thick chest heaving as his eyes flicked to meet Rhyers’.

Good yes, look here, you Mammoth.

“I’ve just noticed your alehorn is empty.”

“What?” Mardichi exclaimed lifting the empty alehorn to eye the bottom. “’Tis.” He said morosely. Slowly seating himself back on the wood bench. Rattling the table. “How’d that happen?”

“I believe you sloshed it, in your anger.”

“No.” Mardichi whimpered. Huge blue eyes pleading Rhyers fix it.

Rhyers was well-aware he’d drank it empty about an hour ago. Has everyone lost their mind today?

“’Tis right to take your seat. You, dumb clout.” The other man taunted.

Making Mardichi’s head lift.

Foolish! Foolish…man. Rhyers saw on Mardichi’s face there’d be no stopping him this time. I’ll not even bother.

Rhyers glanced around and verified Mardichi didn’t have his battle axe. Opting to store it at WaterRose more often than not. Good. No need to kill bystanders in a drunken berserker fit.

WaterRose. Rhyers sighed. Sitting back on the bench near the card table as he watched the redhead stumble across the room. Lifting a meaty fist as he gripped the other man by the shirt.

The black-haired man lifted a thick sword but Mardichi slapped it away like fine kindling. Expertly palming the flat side rather than the ridge.

“Barmaid.” Rhyers thunked down his tankard to summon her.

“Tatiana.” She smiled. Demurely blinking heavy lashes as she tossed her brown hair.

“Could you fill my tankard, Sweetheart?”

“Perhaps, MeLord…If ye may fill me tankard…” She said coyly.

His brows lifted and eyes brightened. “Well I may have just the thing.” He rose.

“Do ye still wan’ yer drink, Lord?” She asked sweetly.

“Not just this moment.”

“Grand.” She caught the neck of his shirt much as Mardichi had nabbed the black-haired man’s tunic. But when she lightly tugged, Rhyers willingly followed.

Glancing back to verify Mardichi delivered punch after punch with his giant meat hammer of a fist.

“Don’t kill him.” Rhyers called over his shoulder.

Mardichi paused and his head shot up. Slightly jolting the nearly limp man he held, making his neck flop. Mardichi’s gaze was more alert now.

Invigorated from delivering the beating, no doubt.

Mardichi’s favorite past time.

Rhyers grinned goadingly.

Mardichi’s gaze slid from Rhyers to the barmaid.

He let the man fall with a thump. And looked despondent. “Oh…I want mine…” He whined. Eyes locked on the pretty brown-haired maid.

Rhyers grinned and shrugged as he was drug out the rear door to where the empty ale barrels were stacked. Finally, a moment absent emotion…

“I miss her. I’m going home…” Mardichi mumbled from inside the Iron Hide.

The barmaid hiked her skirts revealing a pretty expanse of curvaceous legs.

He helped her. Catching them and lifting them over her round buttocks to rest along her back.

"Put your hands on the wall." He ordered.

She looked over her shoulder but complied.

He tugged the laces on his breeches and freed himself. Stroking his length along her crevice until he was full erect. Then he coaxed her entrance before thrusting into her.

Tatiana moaned wildly.

"Push back into me, Love." He ordered. Flexing his hips as he pounded into her.

She obediently pushed back into him. Helping stroke him.

"You feel good, Sweet." He moaned. "Like your body is sucking me in."

"I been told, me Lord that I 'ave quite the part."

"Indeed you do." He felt himself straining to get deeper into her. To feel the opening deep beneath her belly.

He growled. A rumbling wolf's noise that rolled from his throat. He surged harder into her. Reaching around he yanked her bodice open to bare her breast. Scooping one into his hand to feel it bouncing into his palm as he worked into her body. Each rough stroke making the bit of soft flesh bounce into his hand.

His other hand braced the back of hers. Pinning her to the wall as he forcefully took her.

"Oh, Me Lord." She moaned in pleasure. "You're fierce!"

She doesn't know the half of it. He was fighting to keep his animal stomped down but could feel his green eyes adjusting. Pupils slitting and tiny bones in his ears and nostrils adjusting so he could experience her body with his more keen senses.

Soon his pleasure mounted with her escalating moans. When she crooned she was rising he thrust hard, burying into her core and spilling seed.

She cooed in praise.

"Yer nearly feral, Me Lord." She tossed down her skirts as she turned in shock. "For a moment, I thought you might bite me shoulder and take me like an animal."

He chuckled.

"No, Love." He hooked an arm over her shoulders to lead her back inside.

That's reserved for a mate.

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