FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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SEBASTIAN - A Stolen Ship Boy

LandingTown, Igonox


It was months before Sebastian returned. Glad he’d persuaded the captain go with him. It’d become a dual mission to find the Fallen.

Nothing in the Paladines.

No trace of either of them on the Isle. Bast sighed, disappointed. He unloaded cargo from the FireStar alongside his crew. Paying careful attention to avoid nudging the spot where boulders had damaged the portside of his ship.

“Don’t bump her, men. We’ve much repairing to do.”

It’ll take longer then I’d hoped to ensure all is mended. He stared across LandingTown toward the Meadow Mountains forlornly.

I miss her more than I expected. He’d not been lying when he told her he missed her face while away.

Nor was I about the strawberries.

“Be extra careful with those.” He patted the cabin boy on the back as he hefted the smaller crates. “Those were brought oversea with great gentleness.”

“They still green MeLord.”

“I know boy.” He patted the youth’s shoulder. “But they’ll ripen.”

The little treasure helped stem some of his grief in not finding Raese. At least we know he’s still out there. Bast looked back toward the green mountains of the Paladines.


A young woman strode toward his ship. She had a round face and dark eyes intent on him as she sauntered up to the plank.

“No.” Deragan emerged from the cabins. “Don’t let her on!” He urgently commanded.

Bast’s head spun to him.

“She’s Cimmerii!”

Bast yanked the plank back, making her stumble and fall to her backside on the edge of the dock. Bast shouted for his men to withdraw from the edge of the ship.

The smell of her was faint. Newly Cimmerii.

But Deragan was never wrong. Able to smell them much further than the rest.

“Tha’ wasna ver’ kindly.” She rubbed her rear as she glared up at him. “Ooh. Yer a lovely un’ are ye no’?” Her eyes lit on Bast. “Come sees Sweet Libby laters, MeLord. And perhaps I’ll let ye ’ave this un back.”

Before they could move, she snagged the cabin boy who’d stood paralyzed next to the crates on the dock.

A tiny dagger pointed into his neck. And a beaming smile brightening her black eyes.

“No!” Bast shouted.

But Deragan’s thick arms wrapped him and held him in place. “We can’t get to him before she slits his throat. Let her take him.” He barked.

Seeing Sebastian’s struggle he added. “She won’t hurt him. She needs him to bait her trap.”

Bast stopped struggling against him.

Deragan still used his monstrous strength to hold him fast, in-case that should change.

Gold scales peeled from Bast’s skin, grating as they fitted together like metal over his neck and collar.

“No.” Deragan spoke urgently to his gold-haired brother. “Tonight. We get him back tonight. Lucien’s in WaterRose. Summon him.” Deragan’s tone cracked with its usual authority.

Bast’s chest still rising with huffing breaths he closed his eyes against the sight of the black-haired wench dragging the boy into the trees, blade to his throat.

Lucien. He called.

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