FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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CHAVIAS - Solace With a Snow Angel

Stone Peak, Black Mountains, Battling Border (Radix’s captive for seventeen years)


Chavias was aware threatening the Worthington boy displeased Radix.

I’d hoped perhaps he might have more sense than greed and decide it’d serve him better to leave all this alone. He’d been aware it’d undoubtedly result in Okine getting to work on him. But that happened often anyway.

Whether I’m defiant or not.

True to form, Radix did something Chavias didn’t expect. It was the old demon himself whom arrived in Chavias’ chambers. Head high and a dark look on Chavias as bobbing red curls turned from behind him.

Deiti. The temptress had returned.

He blew a relieved breath and couldn’t hide the brightening of his gray eyes at the sight of her.

Chavias had memorized every inch of her face. Hungering to see her again. But somehow, she seemed even lovelier than before.

Her round face nearly glowing with some strange light. Odd brownish eyes flushed red with excitement as she approached him. Swinging her skirts in that playful way as she sidled up to him.

He sat up. Watching her with wary eyes.

When she reached him, she pressed her palms to his chest. He found himself moaning in pleasure as she seeped energy from him. His head fell back, and he slumped to the cot.

She followed him down. Straddling his lap. Oohing and aahing as she absorbed his energy. Moistening her plump lips in anticipation.

But he went beyond relaxed. Eventually feeling lightheaded and weak. Stop!

Radix wasn’t leaving. This is no pleasure session. Chavias realized too late. His body was suddenly limp. He went to lurch up but found his muscles wouldn’t cooperate. Abruptly they began bunching and knotting. His insides felt lit on fire. Then it felt as if the muscles within his body began pulling apart. His organs heating like molten oil coursed through him.

Son-of-a-bitch it hurts!

“Stop!” His moan turned to a low scream as the pain grew vivid as fire. “Please.” The agony was unbearable. “Why are you doing this?”

She leaned over him to whisper against his cheek. “Did you just beg for mercy?” She cackled.

A slow smirk crossed Radix’s face.

Deiti drug her tongue along Chavias’ cheek and a tiny part of him sensed the evil in her. Somehow resisting her allure.

He tried to writhe to toss her off him.

“He is strong.” She purred to Radix.

Soft fingertips angled, and she drove sharp fingernails into the soft flesh just below his collarbone. Securing her grip on him.


“Stop resisting me, Chavias.” Her voice was honeyed. Sounding sweeter than anything he could remember hearing.

There was a shining glow around her. Like a halo.

She’s no angel. Some tiny voice of sense in his head argued through his pain.

Chavias’ spirit fled the anguish, seeking sanctuary elsewhere. He found himself in a stand of Inner Forestway trees, Mane Country. Unsure what had brought him here.

But in this plane the pain was a faint sensation. He stared at a grand house that’d once been beautiful but now sat in ruin. He glimpsed movement. And saw a woman in the trees near him.

She was oblivious to his presence. Skipping and twirling through the forest, dancing to some music only she could hear. Long waving blonde hair moving around her in a white cloud.

A lovely glimpse of peace.

Suddenly Deiti’s great beauty was forgotten when this creature turned to face him.

She was breathtaking. Sky blue eyes bright with unspoken joy. Her features were perfection. And as she twirled again, he noticed snow fell around her. Touching only the trees near her in fat flakes to coat the tree needles. But as she moved some rose from the ground in a circling wind that swept lazily around her. Taking flakes up into the sky like tiny sparkling rainbows where the last bits of sunlight dusted them.

What am I seeing?

Who are you, Snow Angel? He followed her movements, moving with the usual stealth of a predator, drawing closer as he strode parallel to her. Keeping needle trees between them as he peered through the branches.

There was a path winding through the green trees, of snow-covered branches. Evening was descending and the silence of the flakes in the dark was magnificent. Frosting her hair and eyelashes.

Surely it’s not…He brilliantly recalled that day he’d guided the redheaded girl and her sisters through the Dread doors. There’d been one lovely blonde child that’d moved clouds with her wind. And made snow in her grief as she left her sister. Though he’d been weak he’d been by Chastain’s side as she left each of them. Trying to offer her his strength.

I remember you…

In his weakened state, she’d somehow pulled him here. To her.

As if calling to me. Drawing him like a magnet from the other end of Ardae, from the far reaches of the Black Mountains to this place of beauty and peace.


He remembered telling Chastain his brothers would be drawn to protect the Watcher girls, but he’d never thought he’d be one of them.

Since I can no longer claim to be among them…

It should’ve been Raese. Where is he? Why isn’t he watching over you? Mane Country was his home…

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