FOREVER KNIGHTS: #3 Forsaking the Vanquished

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With the Magic She Stole From Me

“Enough!” Radix barked.

Chavias wrenched from the peaceful place back to the cavern.

Deiti climbed off him, making happy noises and huffing with power as she stared at her hands in awe. “Such a powerful beast!” She cried breathlessly.

His vision blurred, and he blinked several times, trying to focus.

“My Lord,” She beamed at Radix. “You must feel this.” Stumbling to her feet as though intoxicated, she straightened. Head lolling. Her dress rent down the back. Revealing white bat wings which splayed the length of the cave while still curled.

Deiti gasped in exultance. Peering over her shoulder.

No. Chavias tossed his head weakly.

“Lovely.” Radix gushed. Rushing to her to stroke one wing. “Will it be permanent?”

“No.” Deiti’s face grew somber. “Even his tremendous power is not enough to sustain me in this state for any extended time.

“Your hunger is ravenous. Consuming the magic.” He murmured. “Well I have duties for you to accomplish while you ride Forever Knight magic.”

Deiti nodded gleefully.

Chavias’ stomach dropped. She’s going to hurt someone. And use my power to do it.

It’ll be my fault. He tried to lift his shoulders from the metal cot but was too weak to rise more than a couple inches.

“No.” He caught Deiti’s wrist. “Don’t.”

She flicked his hand away effortlessly. Giggling at him. “Why Chavias, don’t you worry your pretty head what I’m going to do while I’m you…” She tossed her hair over her shoulder. Putting a palm to his forehead and shoving him back. Sending the shockwaves of pain back through him.

Radix lifted a finger and clucked at her. “Sweetheart. When I say enough. It must be enough.” Despite the endearment, his voice cracked like a whip through the air.

She bobbed her head in a bashful nod. “Yes, My Lord.”

The pain was horrifying. Chavias feared what Deiti had done to him far more than anything Okine did. Anguish ripped through every corner of his body.

Like being lit on fire.

And the joyous look on her face after she’d sapped nearly all his energy, revealed how truly malevolent she was.

Despite her pretty face.

Chavias vowed to himself to think of her, to lust for her no more. When he told himself that, the image of the girl dancing in the snow flashed through his mind.

The purest blue eyes. And hair white as the snowflakes floating before her face.

Unspeakably beautiful.

Pure decency. No hint of darkness mars that playful soul. He replayed the vision over his mind’s eye time and again. Avoiding the dark fears of what Deiti currently did-or whom, she tortured with his strength.

“As is that.” He pointed to her long, bloodstained dagger.

“This.” She held it out. “Is my best friend.”

“I thought I was your best friend.”

“This.” She pointed at the dagger again. “Is my second-best friend.”

They both laughed.

“When will you give me that plaything?” Calisto gestured to his staff.

Never, Sweetheart.

“When you give me the ability to move water.”

“I can’t do that!” She feigned a stomp.

I know!

“Then I conject it may be awhile. And you’re already quite old…”

She swatted his shoulder. Glowering at him.

He laughed and ducked away. When he returned to her side, she used his sleeve to clean her blade.

“Why my clothes?” He objected. Gesturing to her length. “Why not yours?”

They’re now destroyed!

“My clothes are too fine.” This shirt is satin she pinched the flowing blouse. “These breeches perfectly fitted.”

They are perfectly fitted. She’s right. His eyes poured over her length.

“You’re lucky you’re my Queen.” He feigned a frown.

“I’m no queen.”

“You’re mine.” He stopped to catch her hand. Pressing his lips to the back in reverence.

“I do love that staff.” She murmured as they headed back. Leaning to peer around his chest at the glowing stick in his other hand.

“If you’re impressed by that, My Queen. View this.” He held out his palm and drew energy from the staff to make a fiery green glow in his palm.

“Look!” She gasped in astonishment. Tone dry. “You’re a glow fly.” She clung to him dramatically. “I’ve never seen anything so impressive!”

Not impressed. Not at all.

He glared at her. “You’re a difficult woman, Calisto. Can’t you just allow a man to think he’s impressed you?”

“Of course!” She cried. “Just not you.” She bumped him with her hip flirtatiously.

He still held the glow. “Come. You’re a little impressed. Admit it?”

She tipped her head to look at it. Lifting a finger, she aimed a stream of water. Dousing his green glow in a puff of gray smoke.

Oh, that’s dirty…Raese made an outraged sound. “Difficult. Difficult woman!” He grunted.

She laughed and began a mad flight through the trees.

He didn’t miss a beat. Spinning his hand made the staff disappear as he laughingly took off after her.

Neither noticed the pale face nearly glowing in the dark.

Essius watched the scene carefully. Intent on that green glow Raese had held. His mind filled with greedy thoughts of what reward the demon might offer for that bit of information.

Continued in BOOK FOUR:

FOREVER KNIGHTS: Battling Black Roses

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