FOREVER KNIGHTS: Subjugation of Beasts

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BOOK FIVE of the Forever Knight Series I am Savage Jack, the King of Assassins. I have a very particular agenda. To free the man who raised me from his subjugation to the demon master. And to assume my control of Ardae's powers by overtaking commerce and swaying the peasant people. No nobles or kings or queens. The peasants far outnumber them. I'm Deragan Black, Alpha of the immortal shapeshifters. And mate to the Fallen. I am always manuevering, always strategizing and placing people where they are most needed. I am Sebastian Bodane, The Great Protector, and as the King of the Castle of Water I control the hub of the Forever Knights. Able to telepathically connect with them, I strive to keep my vow of letting no man die by Radix's hand, when I'm close enough to stop it. I am Chavias Derenoe, the demon's warlord and what I do from within the demon's lair has become too dangerous for me to even whisper to another soul. Cimmerii, demonic minions, are rising into power and gaining numbers at an extreme rate. They're spreading like an unstoppable plague through Ardae, but we're each working to save this country in different ways. And pity the man that steps in our paths. Our names are known through Ardae. For good reason.

Fantasy / Romance
Manda May
Age Rating:

Revisiting the Past


Forever Knights: Emergence



Forever Knights: Rise of the King of Assassins



Forever Knights: Forsaking the Vanquished



Forever Knights: Battling Black Roses

Deragan Black’s pack of immortal knights not only have extraordinary abilities but can shapeshift into both dragons and wolves. But they’ve learned the isolation in being what they are.

Citizens of Ardae seem happily oblivious to Radix Malorum’s demonic plague descending over the country like the fiercest sickness.

Sebastian Bodane has imprisoned a valkyrie in the Forever Knight Stronghold, WaterRose. Happily matching wits with her. And posing as Quandary, her pet black panther.

The Forever Knights numbers continue to dwindle. Raese Merlinus fights to regain his memory and identify his mysterious wraith. Chavias Derenoe has become Radix’s warlord. Calisto the Water Priestess and Raese's mate, remains locked outside the bounds of time.

Things haven't improved in Ardae.

Radix twists human souls into Cimmerii, his black creatures, at an expedited rate. Okine his dark commander finding every opportunity to turn weak human souls.

The Forever Knights’ remaining hope lay leveraged in any remaining Watchers. A lower sect of angels who joined mankind in an effort to save humanity. But it’s assumed Radix has fed on many of their souls.

All are unaware Chavias found and led a group of them to safety. Hiding the girls in sanctuaries close to Forever Knights, knowing the knight’s instinctive need to protect sacred souls.

The Forever Knights know nothing of the savage boy raised by Chavias in Radix’s lair. Nor that Chavias facilitated his escape allowing Savage Jaxson to become Radix’s most formidable foe. Savage Jack, King of the Assassins. Now engaged in a single-handed mission to turn the tide of evil in Ardae.

Many of the Forever Knights are protecting those they've taken under wing. Unaware many are what remains of the Watcher breed.

Most recently they’ve found what their alpha was missing. His mate in her newest form. Like he has in all of her lifetimes, he’ll begin the race to woo her anew. Trying to get close to her before Radix can get some hold on her and steal her magic for darkness.

Meanwhile the King of the Assassins influence continues to rise from the Blue Lark Assassins Guild, his base of operations and the greatest Trader Market in Ardae, the Undermarket.

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