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FOREVER KNIGHTS: #4 Battling Black Roses

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BOOK FOUR in the Forever Knight Series We are as immortal as the existence of the sun and moon. We rise and fall. We shine and are extinguished. But we fight fiercely. Instinctively drawn to protect. Our wolf hearts beat with loyalty seeking purpose and combatting the swelling waves of evil coursing through this country. Our dragon hearts heat us with searing intensity ready to consume anything in our path. Save those rare few sworn to stand by us. The few who are as they seem. Come for them, and nothing in Ardae can save you from our wrath. I am Deragan Black, alpha of the pack of Forever Knights. I am Sebastian Bodane the Great Protector of our shapeshifting mass. I am Chavias Derenoe the demon's dark warlord. And there are more of us. We are many and we're hunting Cimmerii.

Fantasy / Romance
KKS Fantasy Works
4.7 6 reviews
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Vow of the Battling Black Rose

The vow made by those rare knights bold enough to risk Radix's Targue deep in Battling's demon country.


In the fairest hand of thee

A Battling Black Rose be

Set forth and earned, by only me

Dogs of Battling fought in my fealty

With true desire to shield thee

For have no doubt, my knight heart beats fiercely

Accept my token in greatest revelry

Understanding thus it binds me to serve thee

From now until eternity.

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