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Prince Arthur is just a child, but he seems to be the only one capable of stopping a cruel dictator from taking over his lands. Alamex maybe only five years old, but this little genius is so obsessed with his peace that he'll do anything to achieve his goals.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Note from the author

My English is not very good and this work was translated from Portuguese.

This book is a draft and can undergo severe alterations at any minute.

This book is a draft. To be finished it is very important that you tell me what do you think about the story.

Even if you can’t get through the first chapter, say it in the comments, that helps a lot.

Castile (genus) is a botanical genus belonging to the family Simaroubaceae.

Castile is a soap made solely of olive oil, water and sodium hydroxide.

The Castella or Kasutera is a Japanese cake made from sugar, flour, eggs and corn syrup, much appreciated in festivities and as street food.

Castelã, feminine noun: woman or daughter of Castelão; a woman who lives in a castle. The owner of a castle.

The Kingdom of Castile was one of the ancient kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula, in 1230 Ferdinand III the Holy received from his mother Berengaria (in 1217) the kingdom of Castile, and from his father Alfonso IX the kingdom of León, unifying them in a single realm of León and Castile.

This story is not about any of that. It takes place in the mid-1700s, in a fictional kingdom called Castile in a fictitious island of Kreg located in the notice of Europe. Now let’s see what this place has got and so special!

There is not always a guarantee of a happy ending, but stories always find a way to continue.

I talk too much, I know, but that’s why this book was written!

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