The Skadivers' Tale

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The Road Home

The Road Home

Genie heard a big-rig off in the distance, and they began to hike out to what they hoped was a road. It was about a mile, and they were tired by the time they were sticking thumbs out to catch a ride to the nearest town.

A farmer with a flatbed stopped and let them ride in the back. He had never seen such strange backpacks as those, but, as they say, “Kids these days…” The man stopped at a Love’s, and Sam bought him a tank of gas for his trouble. Inside, the Skadivers bought some redneck attire to wear and some large duffels to carry their rigs and armor in. They got a lot of looks from the truckers, but nobody messed with them.

They sat down for coffee, and looked around. Sam pulled out a hundred. “Anyone going to Denver?” he asked loudly.

An old guy’s head leaned out from a table to look. He saw the two of them with the money in the air, and decided they looked okay. “I am,” he said, “You look like you need a lift.”

“Yes, we do,” Sam said.

“This is our Honeymoon,” Genie said. “We just got a little lost.”

“Sounds like somebody needs a better travel agent,” the old trucker said with a laugh.

They ate a little bit while the man finished his dinner, but they were on the road in a little while. To their great joy, although they only asked for a ride to Denver, they found out this man was actually headed through Boulder, so they were able to go the whole distance in a couple of hours. He dropped them on the north side of town, and they called a cab to take them home.

Sam was afraid to have the cab take them all the way to the house, because he didn’t want the driver to see all of the SUV’s parked there. So, he had the man stop next to Mack’s truck and paid him. They hoofed it the rest of the way.

It was a lovely evening, and it was starting to get cool, so it wasn’t a bad walk. They could have lived without carrying the heavy duffels, but such was life. They called Mack as they rounded the bend, so as not to startle anybody. The three of them came out to greet them, happy to see that things had gone to plan.

There was no time like the present to finish up their chores, however, and Sam suggested they all drive a vehicle down to Denver and drop them after hours in the rental lot. Then they could enjoy a nice meal and a couple of bottles of wine. With enough time, Sam and Genie had been able to fill in the details about Hordann that Terri had not yet done during their time together waiting. Of course, it was hard to believe, but somehow it all added up to something that Mack and Hilda could sort of believe.

That’s just the way it happened too. They spent the night at the homestead, and the next day, Mack brought up some cement so he and Sam could fix up the hole in the bluff and bury the other two dead guys.

Once all was ready again, the lamp was secured in the shelter, and Sam did the test run, wearing the parachute as before. He was delighted to find that it was unnecessary; he stepped onto the landing slab in New Sky Hold, startling the guard. He told her to tell Derrick that they Lord and Lady would be home soon, and to make some special preparations.

Then he walked over to the exit and stepped in.

It had been maybe one minute since he had left, and Sam stepped out of the mist back in the shelter. “Lock it all down,” he said, “and let’s go home.”

They departed Earth a little while later, knowing they would be back soon. But first, there were friends to celebrate in New Sky Hold, and a Honeymoon tour of Hordann by dragon awaiting. Everything else seemed a world away.

Hopefully, there had been some explanation offered for the dozen dead bodies that had fallen from the sky in western Kansas. New Sky Hold knew the truth of it, but the Lord and Lady could not be reached for comment.

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