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alpha levi

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the men reached me and my heart was beating so quickly i felt as if it would pop out of my chest. "this is her." the alpha's husky voice called out. "my luna." when noami turns 18 she finds out that she has to attend the mating ceremony where she meets her mate, alpha levi. with becoming the alphas mate, she has to become luna of one of the biggest packs in the continent. the first of a long series

Fantasy / Erotica
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"Darling! Be a dear and bring me the salt!" my mother called from downstairs. I cleared my throat and stood up from the floor. "Don't think we're done, closet. I will be back to clean you." I glared at it and ran downstairs.

"Oh, Naomi Hunny, what did I tell you about running? You could hurt yourself." My mother called out from the kitchen with a disapproving look on her face. I shook my head and laughed at her.

My mother, Romona Williams was always protective over me. Ever since lycans began to roam our small town. I can't blame her honestly, they are vicious creatures that have an instinct to kill. Hunt.. to mate.

I shivered and grabbed the salt, handing it to my mom. I sat down at the dining room table and saw a single note there. call me nosy if you want but, my mother never leaves anything just lying around. She's very picky and likes to keep the house clean.

I laughed once more and pulled some hair behind my ear before sliding the note to me and beginning to read.

'Dear Mrs. Williams. I hope you and your family are doing great. We have recently discovered that your eldest daughter, Naomi Williams, is now eligible to mate with a lycan. Your daughter will have to attend. We suggest that you prepare your daughter. If she does not show there will be a punishment for both her and the parents. Have a great day. - the council.'

My heart sank as I read the letter. I dreaded this day from the moment my older friend, Edith, told me about it. At the time I was sixteen and she was eighteen. She was so frightened that day. My mother and I stayed with her till the limo picked her up.

The next day, we were informed that she has found her mate and he took her to his pack. I felt tears form in my eyes. "M-mom.. why didn't you tell me about.. this?" I whispered, loud enough for her to hear. she stopped her actions and remained silent. she knew exactly what I was talking about.

"Answer me!" I cried out, "why didn't you tell me? I should've been informed the second the letter got-" I was cut off by the sound of the door opening. My father came walking in and he furrowed his eyebrows.

"What's going on?" he asked and set his coat down on the floor. I gulped and stood up, grabbing the letter as well.

"This. This is what's going on." I handed the note to him and crossed my arms. My mother walked over to us and put a hand on my father's shoulder. After he finished reading the note he looked at my mother with knowing eyes.

His eyes then quickly made it to mine and he sighed. "Naomi.. you knew that this day was coming. We all did. There is nothing we can do to prevent it so you should accept it. just as I did." He nodded and cleared his throat.

My eyes widened at his words and my mouth dropped. "Are- are you serious? Did you accept this? Accepted the fact that your daughter could be taken by a goddamn beast?!" I yelled.

He inhaled and shook his head. "Of course not Naomi. My princess. My little girl. But your mate is your other half. He will protect you, show you, unconditional love, give you a home, make you stronger and happier.

Tears fell down my heated cheeks as I listened to him. My father believed that giving me up to a stranger would be better than keep me here with him.

I shook my head and ran up the stairs to my room, ignoring my mother's desperate calls for me to come back. I slammed the door shut and let myself completely meltdown. tears streaming down my face and items being thrown across the room in anger. eventually, after I was finished slamming everything around I slid down the wall and tucked my head into my knees.

Sometime, I fell asleep from all the crying. thinking about tonight.

I woke up to someone shaking my shoulders. My eyes began to slowly open and my mother came into view. I prayed that it was all a dream and I just fell asleep cleaning my closet. I lifted my head from my knees and looked around my room. It was still a mess from yesterday.

"Let me guess," I croaked out, "you have to get me ready so some werewolf can snatch me up and use me as his little toy?"

She sighed and let out a hand for me to grab. I placed my hand in hers and she pulled me up and hugged me tightly. I yelped in surprise and hugged her back tighter.

"Don't tell your father but, I have a couple of tips that might help," she whispered in my ear.

I nodded and she leaned back, "come on. we have two hours to prepare."

"Princess. You look beautiful." My dad muttered while looking at me with a loving smile. I was wearing a dark red dress that came down to my knees. It covered most of my body which I was grateful for. I looked at my dad and he smiled at me. I wish I could wipe that smile off his face. He isn't the one who might be taken away from his family. I simply ignored him and slipped on my coat and heels.

"The limo will be here in two minutes. Finish up and come downstairs as soon as possible." He sternly said before turning around and exiting the room.

Nobody has ever made me feel so furious in my eighteen years of living. I squeezed my hands into tiny fists as my mom applied a bit of red lipstick on my lips.

"I know this is hard but don't be angry at your father. His intentions are pure."

I nodded and pulled her into a tight hug and sighed. "Mom. if I get taken. I just want you to know that I love you so much." I whispered.

"I love you too baby, and look, there's a lot of werewolves out there. These are only a few of them. Your mate might not be out there." She reassured me. I bit my lip to prevent crying and nodded.

The doorbell rang and my heart dropped. "Let's go." my mother said sadly.

Once we reached the door I only said my goodbyes to my mother since she was the only one who truly cared if I was taken or not. The limo driver grabbed my hand and led me to the car full of other eighteen and up girls. A lot were frightened, like me. Only two girls were excited and kept on talking about how sexy the werewolves were last year when they went.

I sighed and closed my eyes. This will be a long night.
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