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A book about a cat and her owner.

Taken from a friend

Hi. I'm a cat. Yes, boring, I know. Just your average cat in a pet store. Except, the details only show when you really look into by story. My name is Kat, and my life seems to be repeating.

The small tortoiseshell cat opened her eyes and looked at the bright, artificial lights surrounding her. It was another day at Tia's Pet Shelter. Kat heard a meow come from she cage beside her and she looked over. Through the little windows was an orange tabby cat. "Morning Rusty" Kat greeted wearing to her friend. "Morning" He meowed.

I've lived here for as long as I can remember, and today someone is finally going to adopt me. I heard the workers talk yesterday about someone coming by to get me. I'm finally going to leave this cramped cage.

"Funny to think you'll be leaving soon" Rusty said, bringing down the mood. " Aw come on Rusty, I'll always remember you! Let's just focus on positive things! " Kat tried to stay positive, but even she was sad about leaving her friend. "Once you leave there'll be a 99% chance we won't see each other again. How can I be positive?" Rusty asked. He's always been like this, trying to argue to hide his emotions. "We then at least spend the last moments together being happy, and talking to me...! " Kat argued back. "Fine... Just for you. Ya'know, your my only friend here... " Rusty said, changing the subject. "Oh yeah? And why's that? " Kat asked, desperate to keep the happiness. "Because your the only one that doesn't sound like a lunatic" Rusty joked.

Our conversation continued until about noon, when a strange looking man came to me. He looked at me and then a staff member opened my cage and placed me in a portable cage. "Bye Rusty! I'll always remember you!" I called from inside the other cage to Rusty, who was watching sadly as I was taken away. The cage I was in was placed inside a rumbling, loud object that started moving with me inside it. It was loud and fast, reminding me of lions. I looked at the space beside be and imagined that Rusty was there. I started quietly talking to the imaginary friend of mine until I arrived at a big building. What wonders I'll find here...
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