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A book about a cat and her owner.


I sat there just like any other normal day waiting for an owner. As I watched some people come and go I'd wish they picked me. But instead they left with other pets. I decided to talk to the cat in the cage next to me. "Hey you awake? " I whispered. "What do you want" He lazily asked. "Ever wonder if somebody ever gonna want us? " I asked. "Nah I'm perfectly fine in the cage" He said. I could tell that he just woke up from a nap. "Well I do. I don't care if you do Dusty" I said and quickly added "of course if I get picked to go with a human I would want you to come with me". But it didn't matter because he was already asleep. I groaned. So instead of waking up Dusty agein I just watched some other pets get homes. Eventuality somebody asked if where the cats were. I began to have hope! But I lost all hope when the human picked the cat above me. " Goodbye Smokey! " I said as the human walked away with Smokey. I soon fell asleep.

I awoke with a sudden jolt. My cage door was opening! And it wasn't the tiny part of it that the pet store owners would put food in through. "It's happening! It's finally happening!)" I exclaimed. Dusty awoke and tilted his head. His eyes widened as he saw what was happening. "Your coming with me right Dusty? " I said. Dusty was here far longer than me so he could tell if he was coming or not. Dusty's eyes filled with sorrow and I thought I saw a tear drop down his face. "Right Dusty? " I asked evan though I knew the answer. "Goodbye my friend... " Dusty choked out. "No! You have to come with me! " Before we could say another word I was dragged out of the cage into a smaller one. "Goodbye Dusty ill never forget you! " I said through tears. Dusty gave me one last look as he faded out of sight. This was the beginning. And the ending. I will forever remember him.
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