Tales of Regventus Book Two: Keene

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Chapter 2

Kedan stretched in his bed. He opened his eyes and blinked the sleep away. He reached out for Teryn, but it seemed as if she had already risen. The sun shone through the windows showing him he had slept in later than usual. It wasn’t surprising. Teryn had kept him up very late. Kedan closed his eyes and relived some of the wonderful night before. He smiled and sighed, wishing Teryn was there now.

He sat up in bed looking around the room. She must have been dressed and out in the palace somewhere. Kedan got up and went to his dressing room. He dressed himself instead of calling for a servant. There were no formal meetings today; just a morning meeting with the council, so he put on a simple tunic and britches. He could fasten on his robe to look more official for the meeting. He looked in his tall mirror and put his fingers through his hair. His golden curls had gotten longer, and they curled over his ears and down his neck. Teryn like to play with his hair and begged him not to cut it.

He walked into his sitting room to find a pot of tea, toast, and jam waiting for him. He smiled and sat down, knowing that Teryn had seen to this simple breakfast for him. As he ate, Teryn walked into his sitting room looking very pretty in a simple sheer green dress that was the same color as her eyes. He light red hair was straight and loose this morning falling down her back.

“Good morning, my lord,” said Teryn smiling. “Did you sleep well?” She bent down and kissed Kedan on the check. Kedan felt warmth spread through his entire body.

“I did when I actually got to sleep. You were up early,” remarked Kedan as he ate his toast. “Where have you been?”

“I had an early fitting for my summer ball gown. I didn’t want to wake you, so I took the appointment in my own dressing room.”

The Lady of Regventus had her own suite of rooms, but Teryn always slept with Kedan. Many of her things were kept in his rooms. Teryn walked over and flicked her wrist. The teapot levitated off the table and poured tea neatly in Kedan’s cup, making him smile. He sometimes couldn’t believe she could use magic now. It was amazing to watch.

“Do you have plans today?” asked Kedan. “I have a stupid council meeting this morning, but I’m free after lunch, if there is something you wanted to do.” He raised his eyebrows and smiled at her.

Teryn laughed. “Really, after last night? Don’t you ever get tired of having me?”

Kedan grabbed her and pulled her down into his lap. “Never,” he said as he kissed her perfect nose. Teryn signed and leaned into him. he held her close and ran his hands up and down her arms.

“I am actually meeting your mother for tea this afternoon. You should join us if you can.”

“Mother is coming to see you?” asked Kedan.

“Yes, we have tea at least once a week. I’ve grown rather fond of her,” replied Teryn.

Kedan loosened his grip on Teryn. “I didn’t know mother had been coming to see you. Why didn’t you mention it before?”

Teryn slipped off his lap and into a seat across from Kedan. “She’s been coming to take tea with me since a week after the wedding. I’m sorry, Kedan, I thought you knew. I assumed you knew everything that happens in the palace. It’s really not anything. We just chit chat about Aurumist gossip and talk about you.”

“It’s fine. I just wondered why she never comes to see me?” replied Kedan, sitting back in his chair.

“She knows how busy you are. I think she comes to see me to feel close to you. She loves to hear about all that you are doing as lord. Please join us today. I know she would love to see you,” said Teryn.

“I’ll see how my afternoon is going after lunch. It would be nice to see her. I need to get ready for my council meeting,” said Kedan.

“Kedan,” said Teryn, “look at me.” Kedan looked up into Teryn’s face. He was suddenly lost in her beautiful eyes. “You know I would never intentionally hide anything from you. I love you, Kedan. You are everything to me, and I am so happy with you.”

Kedan felt a wistful smile spread across his face. Of course Teryn would never hide anything from him. She must have mentioned his mother coming to see her before, and it slipped his mind. He loved her so much.

“I know, my love. Don’t worry about it. You probably told me, and I forgot.”

Teryn smiled and added, “I will have some time after tea before dinner. Perhaps you and I could take a nap together. I do get so tired in the afternoons.”

Kedan smiled and nodded his head. He pulled her close to him and kissed her passionately. She crawled up in his lap, and Kedan kissed her again and again, hoping this wouldn’t make him too late for his council meeting.

The Council of Ancients meeting was long and boring to Kedan. Thoughts of Teryn was still running through his head as Golnar spoke.

“We will start our gatherings next month. By the end of summer, we will have released the magic in many of the people here in the first ring of the city. We will then move to reorganize the city by the correct order of things. There will be communities set up to send many of the non-magical people to for re-education. Once they understand how things are, the one’s with skills will be put in place to serve. The ones without skill will either be assigned as servants or… something else,” said Golnar. “Does that meet your approval, Lord Kedan?”

Kedan shook his head slightly. He wasn’t sure what was going on. He had barely been listening.

“Umm, yes, Golnar, if you think that is best.” Kedan knew that Golnar would know what was best. At least that is what he had been told by Till and Teryn.

Daracha spoke up, “And this is what you want, Lord Kedan? You understand this will take much work? You understand there might be resistance?”

Kedan woke up a little at her voice. “Resistance?”

“Yes, my lord. Many will have their whole lives uprooted, and that is just starting in the city. Once we start reviving magic in the lands, uprisings may occur. When you start making people leave their homes, they may rebel.”

“Uprisings?” said Kedan, “People forced from their homes? Are you sure? That doesn’t sound like something that would be good for the kingdom.”

“Now, now, Daracha, it won’t be as bad as all that. Many people’s lives will change for the better. So many struggle now to even have enough to survive. With this new system none will go hungry. Everyone in the kingdom will have a place to live and work. It will be a step up for many of the people of the kingdom. It will help keep troublemakers in line too. Crime has gotten to be a problem all round Regventus. The people will be happier than ever,” assured Till, the Viceroy of Aurumist.

“What about those magic users who won’t agree to this? We know they are out there. The reports from Clarton confirm it. Won’t they fight back? We’ve heard rumors about a new king they have chosen, and they say he is being trained now. It is said they are forming an army to take the city,” said Alis, Viceroy of the Grasslands.

“We need not worry about that,” said Till. “We have our own spies amongst those magical folk. We will know when they intend to strike. We might even strike first. We are gathering information on the locations of their villages and hovels. Once Aurumist is in order, we will strike them. Their king, if they have one, won’t have a chance to do anything. We will get rid of him and any other who stands in our way. There are those amongst them who will do anything for a little power of their own.”

“Will it come to war?” asked Kedan. His head was feeling much clearer, and he didn’t like the sound of any of this. “I don’t want Regventus torn apart.”

“Of course, not my lord. None of us want that. That is why we must go ahead with our plans to make sure everyone is taken care of and no one is wanting. We will set things right in the city and move outward towards other lands. Then we can see to those who would oppose us. If our spies bring us news of an uprising, we will squash it before it can become anything. There shouldn’t be too much resistance. What happened in Clarton will make it clear to all what will happen if anyone tries to resist us,” said Till.

Kedan nodded but still felt unsure.

“All of this is good. Don’t worry, Kedan; it will take a while for all of this to take place. The people will not be thrown into it. It will be a gradual change. Most will be happy about the changes. Those who are not happy aren’t the kind of people we want in the kingdom, and we will deal with them,” said Golnar to Kedan. He then turned to the rest of the council.

“I would like to talk about something else. We have long been a kingdom ruled over by a Lord and a Lady. We are making a new, better Regventus. In this new kingdom, we should have a king and a queen to rule over us.”

“I thought the Ancients were our king?” asked a gray-haired man named Clay in a small voice. He was the newest member of the council, the Viceroy of The Great Surrounding.

“They are indeed, but what if we had a king we could see and touch. Wouldn’t it inspire the folk? It would be something to unite the magical and non-magical people alike, our non-magical king and his magical queen. I think it is something we should at least consider.”

Kedan liked the sound of that. King Kedan sounded much better than Lord Kedan. He smiled thinking of being king and having his beautiful, talented queen beside him.

“Of course, Golnar,” said Till. “It is something we should all consider over the next moon cycle until our next meeting. A crowning ceremony would be a very fine thing to celebrate at the end of summer. The start of a new Regventus.”

Many heads around the table nodded in agreement, and others remained silent and still.

“Is there anything else?” asked Clay looking at Kedan.

“No, I think that is all unless Golnar has anything,” replied Kedan.

“I do not, but if anyone hears any news that is worth sharing, please send it to the palace. We need to stay ahead of any enemies we have,” said Golnar.

Kedan nodded and stood as the council stood with him. He strolled out of the room and back towards his suite of rooms. He was met in the hallway by Teryn. She smiled at him and fell by his side, walking.

“How was the meeting, my lord?” she asked.

“Fine, fine. There were some things that disturbed me a little, but Golnar seems to think everything will be alright.”

“I’m sure it will be. You have so much pressure on you, and it’s good for you to trust you advisor and let him handle some things.”

“There was talk of making us king and queen. Most seem to think it was a good idea.”

Teryn smiled brightly and gave a little skip. “Oh, that would be something. King Kedan sounds so wonderful. Queen Teryn’s not so bad either.” She giggled and it pleased Kedan.

“Will you be joining your mother and me for tea this afternoon?” asked Teryn as they arrived at Kedan’s rooms.

Kedan open the door and let her in. He pulled the bell cord to summon lunch for them both.

“No, I don’t think I will be able to. I have a fencing lesson, and I probably won’t be done in time.”

“That’s a pity. I’m sure your mother would love to see you, but maybe it will work out next week,” said Teryn sitting down.

Kedan walked down the halls of the palace sweaty and tried. He had worked extraordinarily hard during his fencing lesson today. He felt like he had a lot of energy to work out. As he was heading to his rooms, he saw that the door to Teryn’s room was slightly open. Light was coming out of it, and he heard feminine laughter. He thought maybe he would go in and see his mother for a second after all. He got to the door ready to walk in when he heard his mother speaking.

“So, how is Kedan. Is everything going as it should? Are you keeping him calm, pleased, and out of trouble?”

“I am trying. I can’t be with him all the time, Camelia. Golnar told me he was more inquisitive than usual during the council meeting. I feel like my power over him is slipping. When he is with me, I can keep him preoccupied, but it doesn’t last as long as it used it when we are apart,” said Teryn worriedly.

“You will have to find a way to spend more time with him. He must stay out of the way while Golnar sets his plans in motion. If Kedan becomes a problem, I shudder to think what Golnar would do,” said his mother seriously.

Kedan burst into the room. Teryn and Camelia looked shocked.

“Kedan, how wonderful…” started his mother.

“What do you mean if I become a problem? What is this about me being in your power, Teryn?” asked Kedan angrily. He was confused. He wanted to know what was going on.

“It was a joke, son. Just women being silly. We like to say that all men are under our power. You must admit that you are quite smitten with your wife, and why shouldn’t you be? She is such a beautiful, smart girl,” said Camelia sweetly as she stood up. She walked over to Kedan and put a hand on his shoulder, looking at him.

“It didn’t sound like joking to me,” huffed Kedan. “Why does it matter if I ask questions in my own council’s meetings? I need to look out for the kingdom.”

“Of course, you do, my love,” assured Teryn. She came up and stood by Camelia, putting her hand on his other shoulder. “You are such a wonderful Lord of the Kingdom. We both think so. You are everything to us, Kedan.”

Kedan looked at his mother’s face and then Teryn’s. He suddenly felt lightheaded. He felt like all his cares just went away. Everything seemed fuzzy, and he had a warm feeling creeping up his body. He couldn’t even remember what they had been talking about when he came in.

“Yes, Kedan. I am so proud of you. Don’t worry about anything. We were merely chatting,” said Camelia.

Kedan felt himself smile. He looked at Teryn. He loved her so much. He looked at his mother. It was so wonderful to see her, to be with her.

“Now sit down and have tea with us,” prompted Teryn.

She led Kedan to a chair. He sat down, and Teryn handed him a cup a tea. It was so nice to be with his wife and his mother, talking. He was so happy. He was content to just listen to them talk. He spent the rest of the afternoon in the company of his two favorite women.

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