Lost World: Book 1 A new world

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have you ever had a dream that seemed so real but wasn't....or maybe it was.... As Eli Owen continues with his daily life, he somehow ends up turning a wrong path which leads him to a place he could only dream of...

Fantasy / Other
Chrissy. D. Grier
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Chapter 1

Today was an ordinary day as usual in Wilsberg county as people always started their day bright and early with the same friendly smiles.

Everyone walked down the busy streets and highways. A teenage boy who was 17 years of age was walking down the busy crossroad as usual.

He had short curly blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and always wore jeans and a hoodie. As he was walking, he stopped by the crosswalk while waiting patiently for his turn to cross.

When he began to walk again he took the same route he always take to go home. But when he reached his same path, he saw a lot of police officer cars and ambulance trucks. He had a small shock expression as he saw his path was blocked due to a huge accident.

He knew he had to find another short cut way home. He softly sighed as he held his head down with disappointment. He glanced over to the woods and mumbled to himself. "Maybe I can go through the woods.. I'll be home in no time." He said with a soft tone and smile.

He began to walk through the wide woods. He pushed tree branches from out of his path as he went further into the woods. While stopping and looking around, he wanted to make sure he was not loosing his way.

As he continued, he had a small uncomfortable and scared feeling in his stomach as he heard branches cracking while walking deep into the woods. But then he suddenly heard a loud sound.

"Crack!" The sound of the ground made. He slowly stopped while looking around and hearing the loud sound. But he casually ignore it.

"Crack!!" The ground cracked louder. He stopped again standing where he heard the cracking noise. "What is_" he began to say, but before he knew it, he felt the ground slowly sink in. As he quickly tried to run, the ground crumbled while allowing him to fall.

"AHHhh!!" He screamed falling into the ground. As he fell, BAM! He hit his head on the hard ground quickly blacking out. After minutes have pass he slowly began to open his eyes dazing.

He looked around trying to focus on where he was. But he was inside the hole that sunk him in. He slowly sat up rubbing his head. "Oww...man that hurt, argh my head..." He said rubbing his head more gently.

He got up looking at the deep hole he was in. He slowly looked up, but the sun was so bright that he had to cover his hand over the sun reflection to see. He quickly thought to himself. "I have to try to get out of here...maybe someone will hear me." He said with hope.

He put his hands above his face as he yelled out. "Hello!! Can Someone please help me!" He yelled as loud as he can. But nobody was a around. He looked down with a sad look while glancing at the roots.

He lifted his head up at the roots. He grabbed onto the root tightly while using all of his strength to pull himself up. As his sneakers dig into the dirt, his foot slipped against a root and he fell onto the ground again.

He got frustrated and put his hands over his face, wanting to get out of this mess. He suddenly heard footsteps. He was not sure if that was a actual person or some wild animal.

He leaned close to the other side hoping it was not a viscous animal looking for it's daily supper. Someone then yelled out. "Hello!?" The person said with a calm and deep voice.

"Hello! Hello!! Please Help me I'm down here!" He yelled out feeling relief. The foot steps got closer to the hole, and the person reached his hand out.

He reached his hand as far as he could and grabbed onto the person hand tightly. "Okay! Now Pull me Uuu-!!" He shouted, as the person yanked him out of the hole as if he was a piece of feather. He fell to ground while coughing "cough...cough thank you." He said slowly getting up.

He brushed the dirt off his clothes while taking a look at the person who rescued him. His eyes fully widened as he saw someone or some creature staring at him.

His mouth dropped with shock and frightened at the same time. As he continued to stare, he still did not understand what he was looking at.

The creature stood 7feet tall, with weird and unusual clothes that were red and orange with armor, long pointy ears, red dark hair, and bright red eyes. But the mysterious creature was shaped like a man.

After staring in disbelief, he snapped out of it closing his eyes tightly. The tall creature began to speak. "um...he-ll-o their creature," he said with a small smile while looking down at the boy.

"My name is Zura what is your name?" He said with a big smile. But the other boy still could not figure this out, he suddenly spoke while feeling very confused and crazy.

"I'm...umm,umm..." he could not get his mind to focused. "Well hello umm, umm" Zura said smiling. The boy shook his head, "no! I'm...I'm Eli...uhh... Owen" he said while feeling crazy still.

"Hmm, Eli, and who is owen? Zura said with a unsure look. Eli was so confused figuring out is this a dream or real. "Owen is my last name" he said not understand why he is still talking to this mysterious creature.

"...last name what is that?" Zura said with a small confused expression. Eli looked in shoc. "This cannot be real!! I mean! After all I did hit my head pretty hard on the ground!..." Eli thought.

He looked up at Zura again. "Look I Don't! Mean to be rude, but this is not real and...and your NOT real! It's just a DrEAm! Your just in my head!" Eli said sounding like he lost his mind.

"I'm going to close my eyes and you will be gone!" Eli said closing his eyes tightly. He slowly open his eyes again and did not see Zura, but Zura was standing next to him. "What is this that you are wearing creature?" Zura said while lifting up Eli arm.

"Ahhh!!" Eli screamed, running away from Zura in fear, thinking what if this is real.

As he ran, he tripped over something causing him to fall, as he fell down he turned around quickly to make sure Zura was not chasing after him. But he realized that the woods he was once in has changed.

He got up slowly with a unbelievable expression looking at the world he was in now as he saw tall and curvy trees, weird color flower petals, odd tree colors, a orange sky, and un-ordinary clouds.

Eli now knew this was something he could only dream about or read in a book. While still in disbelief, he stepped back as he continued to look at his surroundings. He bumped into something and quickly turned around.

His eyes widened again as Zura stood their smiling at him with a calm smile. "Beautiful world isn't?" Zura said with a friendly tone. Eli got startled again and started to runaway from Zura again, but Zura hurried and snatched Eli up as if Eli weighed zero pounds.

Zura held Eli into his arms and Eli tried his best to wiggle out from Zura grip. "Let go of me!!" Eli said with anger and fear. But Zura did not pay Eli any attention as he walked off with Eli in his arms.

After Zura walked a whole trail, Eli slowly stop swagging his arm's as his arm's got worn out. "HA you gave up on your fight.." Zura said with a big smirk. Eli did not say anything.

Zura slowly stopped walking, while approaching at a huge dark iron gate that heavily opened with a chivering sound. As the gate closed behind Zura, Zura let Eli down. Eli step to the ground feeling tired.

"Here we are!" Zura said a little cheerful. Eli softly turned his direction at the huge and dark gray building, that looked like a dark castle out of a old vintage thriller movie. Eli slowly stepped back with fear while having the urge to runaway again.

As Eli tried to runaway again, Zura grabbed Eli arm with a strong grip. "Let me GOoo!!" Eli cried out while hitting Zura hand as hard as he could, but Zura did not budge.

Zura gave Eli a small smile, while forcefully pulling him closer to the building entrance. Eli struggled to get out of Zura grip. When Zura reached the tall double oak doors he calmy open them. As Zura stepped inside the dark and echo building, Eli eyes widened.

When he saw the big and wide entrance. The inside was dark as the natural sunlight shined through the tall windows that seem to have small cracks on them for decoration. Eli was now focused on the inside of the building and could not look away as they walked down the long wide hallway.

Eli slowly looked down at the floor while seeing the floors was hard concrete, mix with brown and white tiles. After walking down the long hallway, Zura approach a tall door with beautiful curve door handles.

Zura knocked on the door as the sound of the door knock echoed inside the quiet building. When the doors began to creak open, Eli stopped focusing and tried to release himself from Zura again, but Zura still had his grip.

When the door opened fully, two people who was the same height as Zura was in long brown hoodie robes, while standing by the door way. Eli heart began to beat fast with fear.

As if he knew they were going to kill him. Zura softly spoke but with the same deep voice. " Lead Guardian...I have fetch some short of creature" Zura said calmly.

As Eli countined to struggle from Zura grip, someone snapped their fingers as a signel to enter the room. Zura mannerly stepped into the room. Eli got scared and bit Zura hand as hard as he can.

Zura yanked his hand and Eli quickly tried to runaway, but once again Zura snatched Eli again while forcefully pulling him into the room and shouting out. "Lead Guardian! Please do look what I have found!" He said while holding Eli arms more tightly.

The person who sat down in the chair facing the window stood up slowly while turning around gracefully. As Eli face expression turned into a major shock he could not believe what he was staring at.

The person creeped over towards Eli while giving him a stare that would hunt him in his dreams. Eli felt as if his heart was going to beat out of his chest.

He saw the tall and very skinny shape creature like Zura but with long nails that curled, long dark hair that dragged to the floor, long pointy ears, and a eerie look into her dark pitch black eyes, that was staring directly at Eli.

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