Eclipse of the Moon 2

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Chapter 4

“This is for your own good,” Cielast whispered quietly, her voice wavering as she held Yuko for the last time. “I love you, you have to always remember that, okay?”

She kissed him on the forehead, unable to let him go. Her tears trickled down his scales and she managed to pry herself off of him, looking at the pit of lava. Sparks flew from the orange substance, sizzling quietly.

“You have ten seconds to decide or I’ll kill you both,” Azure yawned from above, glancing down at them with an expression of disinterest on his face. “This is boring me.”

“You’re disgusting,” she muttered up at him, shuddering with fear. Cielast took a worried glance at her son who was sobbing into her shoulder. “Shh, it’s going to be all right.”

Her legs refused to move as she gulped towards the lava pit, taking one step at a time. Her heart pumped furiously in her chest and tears trickled down her cheeks as she stretched her arms to dangle Yuko over the lava.

Smoldering sparks leaped from the boiling substance and she shut her eyes to avoid the painful look that Yuko gave her.

“I l-love you,” she whispered with her voice wavering and dropped him. “This is to end your suffering.”

The lava greedily consumed the little dragon, torched black claws reaching from the lava to escape. Oak brown scales flashed against the orange surface before disappearing with a final loud sizzle.

Everything was silent as she sat for several minutes, the crowd was bewildered and astonished. They sat at the edge of their seats, eyes wide with surprise.

“I… I guess we have our winner,” Hydrax announced, his voice quieter than usual. He looked towards the lava hesitantly and pointed a claw to Cielast. “Cielast, son of Yuko, has won the match.”

Suddenly, the arena erupted into loud cheering and the clapping of talons as dragons flung gold pieces into the sands around the champion. She clawed at her own scales in distress, shifting uncomfortably while hiding her face.

I’m going to kill you, Azure, once and for all. She vowed silently, you’re going to regret everything you’ve ever done and said.

“I hate you,” she screamed into the skies, her voice echoing against the walls of the arena. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you…”

She hit the sand, sending particles flying in all directions while her wings furled close to her sides. “You all are sick, twisted dragons.”

The sound of their talons clapping made her sick as she lied motionlessly, letting herself be dragged by the guards. Her heart kept thundering in her chest, memories flashing through her mind.

I did this for his own good, she reminded herself and took a glance up at the dragons who were taking her through blurry vision. He would have suffered.

Moments later, she felt herself be hoisted over one of the guard’s shoulder, laying as limp as a doll. Cielast felt her head throb with a painful headache and her eyes stung from the tears that dripped down her cheeks. She decided to stop screaming, knowing that it’d do no good, and that nothing could bring Yuko back.

Momma loves you, she repeated in her head in the hopes that her son’s spirit could hear. Momma loves you very much.

The guard suddenly grumbled and lifted her from his shoulder, carelessly tossing her into the stone-walled cell. She curled up in the corner, her head resting atop her tail, and sobbed quietly.

The prison cells were silent, everyone around her was watching patiently while she broke down until the clicking of talons filled the room.

A calm blue purple-eyed dragon stepped into the prison hallway, a wicked grin stretched across his face. He approached Cielast with a pleased expression on his face.

“It must’ve been hard to kill your son,” he taunted, adding salt to the emotional wounds left on her heart.

She sprang up from her position and lunged at the bars, viciously clawing at him while weeping in agony. A glint of fury flashed across her eyes and she spit a plume of flames at him, only to discover that they passed through the blue nemesis.

“Oh Cielast,” he barked a laugh. “You exist only to entertain, haven’t I told you? Your existence is pointless, you’ve got nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and nobody to go to. You’re hopeless, only something for me to toy with.”

Cielast snarled, reaching her claws restlessly from the bars. Her tail thudded against the stone floor and she bared her fangs.

He smiled at her agony and said calmly, “I’ve got special plans for you starting tomorrow and should you fail me, I’ll demolish your kingdom and slaughter Skorian before your eyes.”

Cielast backed away from the bars, terror in her eyes. She thought determinedly, I’m not going to lose Skorian too.

Azure snickered and turned towards the door before shuffling forwards, “Now, there are more important things to take care of.”

Cielast reached towards the bars weakly, her head clouded by violent and cruel memories. Her cries were muffled by one of her wings as she gave up and dozed off to sleep.

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