FOREVER KNIGHTS: Malevolent Attentions

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BOOK SIX of the Forever Knight Series We are the Forever Knights. There are now so few of us we are barely an army. But we fight the demon and his Cimmerii army. Trying to save all those we can from his grasp until we can prepare for the next war. We're rallying anyone of mystical ability. Dreads, fey, Fallen Angels, Water Priestesses and Timebenders. I am Savage Jaxson, The King of Assassins. Don't cross me, don't betray me or you'll find yourself at the end of your own blade. I've little use for chatter or manipulations. I have one true mission and that is to outman the demon. But with that goal, I've other missions...Such as freeing his warlord. The man that was like a father to me. I am Chavias Derenoe. The demon's favorite slave. But I've found some solace with the Winter Dread I Spirit Run to see. We're working to stop the plague of demonic Cimmerii from overtaking Ardae. On the physical front, the magical one, and the political one despite that he far outnumbers us. It seems everywhere we look we're betrayed by someone newly loyal to the demon. Is there anyone he can't sway against us? Even making us turn on our own kind.

Fantasy / Romance
Manda May
Age Rating:

Revisiting the Past


Forever Knights: Emergence



Forever Knights: Rise of the King of Assassins



Forever Knights: Forsaking the Vanquished



Forever Knights: Battling Black Roses



Forever Knights: Subjugation of Beasts

Deragan Black’s pack of immortal knights not only have extraordinary abilities but can shapeshift into both dragons and wolves.

Ardae seems happily oblivious of Radix Malorum’s demonic plague descending over the country like the fiercest sickness.

The Forever Knights numbers continue to dwindle. Raese Merlinus fights to regain his memory and identify his mysterious wraith.

Chavias Derenoe is Radix’s warlord. But has found some solace in the Winter Dread he’s harboring. Keeping her from Radix’s evil contagion.

Calisto the Water Priestess and Raese’s mate, remains locked outside the bounds of time.

Things haven’t improved in Ardae.

Radix twists human souls every day that passes. Okine his dark commander finding every opportunity to turn weak human souls. Whispering promises of their darkest desires to sway them to join him.

The Forever Knights’ remaining hope lay leveraged in the remaining Watchers. All are still unaware Chavias found and led them to safety. Foiling Radix yet again.

But Sebastian has been noticing that young women allying with the Forever Knights are generating Watcher energy.

Savage Jaxson has become Radix’s most formidable foe. As King of the Assassins, he’s now engaged in a single-handed mission to turn the tide of evil in Ardae. His influence continuing to rise. The Blue Lark Assassin’s Guild, his base of operations, is now the greatest Trader Market in Ardae, the Undermarket.

Deragan woos his mate in her newest form. Like in all of her lifetimes, he’ll begin the race to charm her anew. Struggling against haunting memories of his time with her as he fights for the patience to follow his carefully laid plans. Trying to get close to her before Radix can get some hold on her and steal his magic for darkness.

Radix’s soothsayer, Essius, has spotted Raese’s staff.

Raese of the present who has no true memories, now recognizes Radix’s face. He’s awoke from dreams of the past both shedding scales and, on another occasion, as a wolf.

The Dark Dread Queen of Nightway, Marod has witnessed Alazareth Bodane hurl a rock which ruptured through a tree and embedded in another across Dread Brew Wake. A fine thing to see after she caught her daughter secretly meeting with him.

Alazar has recently murdered one of Savage Jaxson’s assassin guild, The Death Dealer. And everyone knows killing Savage Jaxson’s assassins is equivocal to a death sentence.

Rhyers has daringly covered Alazareth’s tracks after murdering an assassin of the Blue Lark. And he continues to help Samuel Marshall on his journey of destruction against Cimmerii for nearly stealing his young sister years ago.

Chastain has just realized Acharius is flesh and blood and no haunting spirit.

Sebastian has sent Dorena from WaterRose to appease the walls climbing between he and Elsabet. He continues his ruse as Quandary, the valkyrie’s favored pet.

Teverius has noticed that one of his former Demon Dogs, Groomsman seems to be watching over Teverius rather than his Huntress as he was commanded.

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