The Kings Men

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Koan, son to Naro of Cetoe is forced to serve The King; a ruthless ruler of Scaeos. a rebellion emerges awaiting to free Scaeos. Will Koan save Scaeos from darkness?

Fantasy / Adventure
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A Humble Start

A silence was brought over the vast void, nothing was there but everything lie there, waiting to be unleashed. A violent shake filled the void, creating the world of Scaeos.

Father had told the story of Scaeos many times but no matter how many times he told me I listened with eagerness.

"Father, how come we don't know much of the beginning?"

"Well, there was no one around to experience it"

Father worked as a commander for the Cetoe Army, an army so powerful, any one who dare challenged it were fated to lose.

Father had created a name for himself as the Man of Luck, once I had learned about the Battle of Genos; a battle which the Cetoe army barely won. Father had held a flank from the East Gate, awaiting orders from Asonan. The Genoians had expected the attack as it was it's least defended gate due to its neighboring city, Ascon who had opposed the gates constant defense. As Asonan had given orders to approach the gate, a barrage of arrows flew beyond the walls. Many died during the event and Father had tried to retreat from the gate, just until the fire seized. However, Father had been unlucky an encountered a hunting party of Genoians, who had prepared to kill him on the spot. Father held up a fight but was quickly overpowered by the reinforcements that appeared. Father had to return to the group at the South Gate, which was easier said than done. Although the East Gate had not been infiltrated, they managed to conquer Genos.

My mother passed away when I was young, Father said she died peacefully in her sleep. I never knew her, faint and distant memories surface in my head but they're too fuzzy. Even though I don't remember her, I miss her.

Father urged me to head to bed, It had been a long day of work. Father had trained many men to fight for the army while I stayed at the house, cleaning up the place.

"It's been a long day for you, you need rest."

"I'm fine Father. How come you don't rest? You work more than me."

"I'll rest when we win the war."

I gave in and went to bed. As I lied there, I thought of who was winning the war. Cetoe had seen better days but at the same time it was at it's peak. I felt a encroaching exhaustion fly over me and I fell asleep.

I saw myself in a black, endless void similar to the stories of Scaeos. It was darker than night itself, a bone chilling silence ensue, one which even the quietest animal seemed exponentially loud. A flash of white filled my vision.

Soon I was stood in a field of grass, the breeze felt soft and cool on my skin, the sun was almost set. A group a men were sat by a fire, one was tall with gold and red armor, A soldier of Worsa.

"We must sit and wait, Morna said that in order to win, we must have patience."

A man with dark blonde hair responded.

" You still listen to that wrenched man, he's the reason Worsa fell."

A cold chill raced my back, even though it was a fair, warm night.

"You are to become a prisoner for your people, you will envision a path of hope but will wage one of pain and suffering."

A voice had spoke this to me, almost like a faint whisper. I didn't know what any of it meant. Suddenly the man in red and gold armor turned to me and said:

"You are but a mere child, you cannot deny the fate of which you will endure."

I awoke to the sound of Father talking to someone. I headed down the stairs and found Truno, a friend of my father.

"You must understand that there is no more Cetoe."

"What do you mean there is no Cetoe?" I said

"Koan! Why are you up?" said Father, with anger in his voice

"I awoke to you guys talking."

Truno had come by a few times. He was Cetoe's only news source so he was always busy with work, but this time was different.

"We must leave for Aguon, its our only safe haven."

Just as he finished his sentence a loud bang came from the den of the house. Father had quickly got his sword and proceeded with caution. In the blink of an eye, Truno was on the ground, his chest full of cuts and slashes. Father held up a fight yet was forced to yield.

"I expected more from the Man of Luck, you are much weaker than Morna had portrayed you as."

"What is your reason for intruding my home?"

"The King wants your head Naro, I'm here to deliver it."

"You can kill me right here if you want, but don't hurt my son."

The men carried Father outside. A man with red and gold armor walked in, The Soldier of Worsa.

"You're coming with us child."

"You are The Soldier of Worsa." I said

"Indeed, now hurry, don't want to end up like you're father."

Father and I were loaded in a wagon, where we learned of Cetoe's collapse. Nerod and Kingsland joined forces to take Cetoe. The city fell in a hour. Father had asked if any of the commanders were captured. The Soldier of Worsa said that all of the people were killed including the Chazalan and his family. We were the last Cetoians.

I awoke in a cell of some sorts, I hadn't seen Father since the wagon but there was no one to be seen, the cell door was flimsy so I was able to break free. I wandered the hall and stumbled across a man, a man who gave off a sense of dread and death, a man who saw no life in anything, a man of pure darkness.

"You are not to wander the halls while a ceremony is starting, come. I will give you the best seat at the ceremony."

His words were calm, pitiful. He seemed to be the embodiment of darkness but was a calm fellow.

"Whats this ceremony about?"

"It's a ceremony to rid this world of evils."

I followed him towards a garden, with vibrant colors and a pleasant aroma. There were many men standing out there.

"We may now start the ceremony. Bring forth the evil ones."

Six men were brought out, all of them looked hungry, beaten and grotesque. One by one they were executed, the last and seventh one was to be brought out. I had witnessed death first hand but he assured me it was necessary to rid the world of evil. The final man came out, It was Father.

"You can't kill him he's my father!" I shouted

Father had look battered and beaten.

"We aren't going to kill him."

My heart filled with assurance as they threw my father in front of the man. Father tried to get up but was to weak to do so.

"You will. You will learn what happens when you cross the King."

He handed me my fathers sword and stepped aside. I couldn't do it. I stood there, looking at the shape of my Father, how a man who withstood death was at it's doorstep, I was death.

The man approached me, grabbed my arms and swung them towards my father, I felt contact.

Laying on the ground, Fathers body lay there, devoid of any life.

"You will serve me, Koan. You will serve The King, The King of Scaeos."

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