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Into The Unknown World

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Vampires lived in covens, werewolves lived in packs, and witches lived in families, and not once did in breeding dare happen. What if I told you that all you knew about our world, the supernatural world, wasn’t 100 percent true?  Well, let me inform you, you were feed a lot of bull shit!  Please allow me to set the record straight. ----                “Tyler Black, what a pleasure.” “I’ll make it quick, Fire, as I know you are a busy…woman.”  I heard the snicker and rolled my eyes.  “My son is taking over…the family business, as I’m sure you have heard.” “Grayson is it?  He’s all grown up and ready to fight in the big bad world?...What do you need from me?” “I want Grayson to meet you, to make sure our further dealings are okay and you both are comfortable.”           “I can’t say I get too many werewolves in my office, let alone Alpha’s, or their sons, but yes, I can meet him today.  Can he here by 3?” I stood up spinning around as the door opened, my red vampire eyes staring straight into the deepest, darkest pair of black ones I had even seen, an extraordinary feature on a wolf.  My breath hitched and I struggled not to let his effect be known, after all, werewolves had the uncanny ability to have a strong sense of smell.  ----- Are you ready to head into an unknown world?

Fantasy / Romance
Theresa Lambe
4.9 23 reviews
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Chapter 1 – What is truth?

A vampire's eyes change colors only at certain times; they become an electrifying blue when they are feeding, they turn a golden hue when highly angered or on the verge of a blood lust and they become a dazzling hazel when horny or caught in the throes of passion. Otherwise, eyes are the same color. But not mine. Mine weren't brown or blue or even green. No. They were red. And stayed red; a highly unique phenomenon, as no one in history has ever had that. But then I am not like other vampires and it's why I kept to myself.

See vampires belonged to covens, a home for them, a family to bond with. Usually a coven was a family with a higher lineage, meaning that someone dated back to the founding times of vampires. And of course, to be a vampire you must be chosen, bitten and then drink the vampires blood, three times over.

Covens fought, so there were warriors within. But they usually fought other covens, some for power, some for stupidity over some obvious grievance, and some for money, but mostly for the power and influence we had on the outside world, the world of humans. On a rare moon did vampires fight werewolves (oh yes those mangy mutts do exist) or witches (yes those old crows were vicious as well) but neither case was high, granted no supernatural liked the other; just fighting wasn’t worth the time. Of course, there was no inbreeding either; one might mix with the others, have one night stands, but no long lasting relationship has ever come forth. I suppose one could say there was a balance within that force and it hasn't ever really been shifted.

And then there is me, defying most of what is known in the vampire world of which I live. I was never bitten, but I am a vampire. No, I was born one, and that is unheard of. Females cannot breed, simply put. Younger males, those that have been turned within two years, can still breed, but half humans and half vampires do not live long, as the human side usually loses to the vampire side. And all vampires need blood to survive, but we do not need to kill to survive. And I, alone, can survive on vampire blood, or even wolf blood, which oddly enough, is sweeter to me than vampire blood.

I live in no coven, more so by choice but also because I don’t show my allegiance to one person. Oh did I forget to mention that if you belong to a coven, you belong to that lord or lady and to leave is a crime punishable by death? How silly of me to forget that!

Forget what you think you might know of us. Stakes and crosses don’t harm us, nor does holy water, actually it's most refreshing. Coffins are a thing long, long since passed. We don’t hide in shadows and sunlight merely hurts the eyes and drains our energy, unless you stay ALL day out there. Which is why we don’t spend all day out there, why we usually do short trips, the sun can become unbearable for even the oldest of vampires, even, oddly enough, for me.

There are two things I will give the world that they are correct upon. We need blood that much is certain: but animals and blood bags don’t cut it. In fact, like I said, we don’t even kill; just a few gulps and we are fine. Almost all covens have blood salves for that reason. Some vampires even have their own, blood pets, or blood whores, I guess to term it. And because of this, we can keep our truth hidden from the world.

The final thing that the world seems to have gotten right is silver. Much like wolves in that sense, silver can do us harm. And injected into us or cut up enough with silver knifes, or blades, and unable to use our fast healing strength, we will die. I've never died from it, but I have developed a very low tolerance for it, unlike my counter parts.

Still questioning why I am different? I have no knowledge of that, exactly. I'm older than half of the covens around, meaning I'm older than most of the vampires and their old beings who sired them. There is no blood in my veins other than that of vampires, meaning I possess no wear wolf blood or some old witch’s blood. But I am unique. I do not live alone; no I have a house of ill repute. No, not a whore house! But it's a house where a vampire can escape their coven and seek refuge and protection with me, which I give. See, being as old as I am very powerful and most don’t want to tempt their fate to come knocking on my door to seek their members; on top of that, you must cross some treacherous fields to even make it to my door. Vampires are brave and strong to want to seek refuge with me; while their lords and ladies deem it not worth their hassle to chase after them, all of which works for me. Unlike everyone, I get along with our other supernatural species, at least well enough to do business with.

Ah, yes, that. We do live in the human world, walk amongst you and you would never know. In fact, most CEO’s of large and profitable organizations are run by those very same supernatural beings. Oddly enough, most security type establishments have werewolves at the helm, while most technology establishments have vampires there, and those running the medicinal fields, well, yes, those very same witches are putting their skills to use. Do not be surprised if in your everyday life, you have come across more supernatural beings than you ever thought! We rule the world, and no one ever question’s it, no one ever knows about it. And this story that I am telling you, is not one you have heard before. It’s unique, for I am unique, and it’s my story. So let me enthrall you with the details of it, and the day that changed the very world that I knew of.
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