King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 32 – The Energy Line

Greta followed the energy line towards the witches’ presence. She felt it was the more powerful of the two, the tall red haired Sister who had looked her way. She sensed that she was getting closer. The presence of another witch was like a physical pull in her stomach. She was hungry and thirsty but these feeling she ignored. She could sense the energy line she followed by a tingling in her hands.

She had slept for a few hours in a disused building en-route, but now as morning begin to break, she felt the two Sisters were together and she quickened her pace as she continued along the energy line.

She continued to pass many strange objects on her journey. There was a long straight area protected by tall fences, which appeared to have metal strips attached to the ground. The roads had names like ‘Long Acre’ but they weren’t long and not as big as an acre. ‘White Oak’ had no Oak trees. The horseless chariots seemed to be everywhere, many were stationary but some were moving. They had bright lights. There were also lights above on tall poles that seemed to burn without fire. She followed the paved roads, but tried to keep out of the lights. Her lolloping walk carried her easily over the distance.

There were so many houses. Streets and streets of them. The houses were strange, built of solid materials. There was no wood or straw, and little smoke from any fires. How did these people cook?

She turned a corner as it was getting light and she saw the house. It was no different to any of the others nearby, but it was situated exactly where the energy lines intersected.

As she walked up the driveway the front door opened and the tall redheaded Sister opened her arms to embrace her. Greta ran into them gratefully.

‘Welcome Sister, we have felt your presence.’

‘Thank you, thank you my Sister, I am Greta.’

‘I am Ellen, and this is Carla.’

Carla came forward, and less enthusiastically embraced Ellen.

Ellen said, ‘Greta, you must have travelled far, let’s get you a hot bath and some breakfast’.

Behind Greta’s back, and so only Ellen could see, Carla pinched her nose at the smell and miming with two fingers pointing at her mouth, mimicked a vomiting action.

While Ellen went to make tea, Carla took Greta into the bathroom next to the downstairs bedroom where Ellen had entertained the Diplomat and his wife the previous day. Carla noticed that the sheets on the bed had been changed, and there were fresh towels in the bathroom. She’d ask Ellen about that later.

Carla began to run a bath, but Greta stood in the doorway, puzzled. ‘What am I to do in this room, Sister?’

‘You are to wash of course, have a bath?’

‘But I don’t want to … bath.’

‘Would you prefer a shower?’

‘What is a shower?’

Ellen came back in carrying a tray of tea with 3 mugs, milk and sugar. She put the tray on a table by the bed, and assumed that Greta had said, where is the shower?

‘Greta, you can use the shower in my bathroom if you wish.’

Greta didn’t really understand what this meant, but simply said graciously, ‘Thank you Ellen’. Greta had sensed the hostility in Carla.

Carla gave Ellen another look. The shower in Ellen’s bedroom was special to them. They often showered together in there, and kept certain ‘toys’ in there for their mutual pleasure. It was an expensive walk-in shower room that Ellen had custom built.

Ellen picked up the tray of tea and carried it upstairs. Greta followed looking with a childlike curiosity at all of the pictures on the walls and objects in the house. Carla followed at a distance, so the smell wasn’t so bad. She took a perfume spray from her bag and sprayed it around liberally. Ellen gave her a look of disapproval.

Ellen put down the tray of tea for the second time and asked Greta if she would like milk and sugar. Greta said yes to both but didn’t really know what the question meant. Ellen handed her the steaming mug, turning it so Greta could take it by the handle.

She indicated the shower to Greta, as Carla added milk to her own mug. Ellen had not bothered to add the milk for Carla, a sign of her annoyance with her at her discourtesy to their guest.

There was no door on the shower, there was a drying area near the door with a door to a toilet, and two wash basins with wide shelves covered in Ellen and Carla’s toiletries and make-up.

As Greta entered the bathroom a movement sensor automatically turned on a light. Startled, Greta looked up at the lights, wondering how this could have happened. As she circled around looking up, she stumbled down a single step, which led into the shower area itself. Another movement sensor started the shower, and Greta gasped as finely sprayed water soaked her. She nearly dropped her mug of tea in shock, but managed to keep a grip, although she spilled most of the tea.

In her surprise and panic, she moved the wrong way and instead of stepping out of the shower moved further in, where an even more vigorous jet of water started automatically. Jets of water sprayed her from the side as well as from above. Greta was now in full panic, she screamed and screeched.

Ellen hit a stop button on the outside of the shower, which stopped the flow of water. But the effect was gradual rather than a sudden stop, the vigorous spray became a mist, then a trickle and then it stopped.

The bathroom was finished in black tiles that when wet acted as a perfect mirror. Greta saw her reflection in them. She stood there in complete disarray. Her clothes soaked. Still holding her mug, now filled to the brim with shower water. It was a comical site, and all three Witches were soon laughing uncontrollably.

Greta took off her wet clothes, Ellen stripped to her underwear and she washed Greta’s hair in the shower. Ellen was so tall and Greta so short and thin, they looked like a mother washing a daughter’s hair, but Greta was probably older than Ellen.

Ellen was amazed at the dirt that came out of Greta’s hair. The blond hair turned almost white afterwards. Ellen removed her soaking underwear, and she showed Greta how to wash her body with a soapy sponge. Carla looked on in jealous rage, and refused Ellen’s invitation to join them. Carla thought Greta looked like a teenage girl with tiny plump breasts and a thin finely muscled body. Greta flirted with Ellen, not because she found her attractive, she just couldn’t resist making Carla more jealous. Greta realised the game they were playing and flirted back.

Greta was mesmerised by her own reflection in the mirror like tiles. She had rarely seen herself other than reflected in bowls of water. The contrast in their bodies was striking. Ellen was tall, broad shouldered with enormous breasts, while Greta was good head and shoulders shorter than Ellen. She was the tallest woman Greta had ever seen, almost as tall as that vicious brute Eustace.

Carla took Greta’s sodden clothes downstairs and put them in the washing machine. She noticed some sheets and used towels in the laundry basket that were ready to be washed. She saw the male stain on the sheets, and smelt the woman’s perfume. She made another mental note to ask Ellen about that later. She took some deep breaths and told herself not to jump to conclusions, because she knew how possessive she got. Instead she decided to make some tea and toast.

As Carla walked back up the stairs carrying the tray of tea and toast, she could hear Ellen and Greta chatting and laughing over the sound of a hair-dryer. When she walked into the room, all her self-control evaporated and she nearly dropped the breakfast tray. Ellen was blow-drying Greta’s hair while she sat on stool in front of the dressing table. There was a mirror on the dressing table and Greta’s yellow eyes refocused from staring at her own reflection to focusing on Carla. Carla could also see her reflection in the mirror, and her face turned to thunder as she took in the scene. Both Ellen and Greta wore dressing gowns. Greta was wearing Carla’s pink gown, while Ellen had her green one on. They had been Christmas presents to each other last year. Carla would sit on the stool in her dressing gown and Ellen would dry her hair, it was something they did for each other.

Carla put the tray down with thump, and walked out without a word. Ellen carried on drying Greta’s hair, but even over the noise of the hairdryer, Ellen heard the front door slam and Carla roar away in her car. Greta felt the brush in Ellen’s hand jump as the door slammed.

Greta was highly sensitive and was aware of all of the feelings between the two Sisters, but said nothing. She wanted time with Ellen, she had been right, she was by far the more powerful of the two Sisters. She had so many questions, and she felt Ellen was the Sister that could help resolve them. Privately, she was glad Carla had gone.

They ate the toast, drank the tea, with Ellen making inconsequential small talk. Ellen found Greta some clothes, they had to be Carla’s because hers were too big. Ellen chose older clothes that she hoped Carla wouldn’t be too upset about. Shoes were a problem because Greta had such tiny feet. Clogs seemed to be the only thing. These were new; Carla was very possessive about shoes. She hoped that she wouldn’t be too upset. She would buy her some new ones.

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