King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 33 – The Sisters

They went down to the kitchen which had a large wooden table. Ellen began cooking bacon and eggs. She made more tea, and Greta said she needed to go outside.

At first Ellen didn’t understand, but from the kitchen window, she saw Greta look around the garden, stop by a tree, pull up her denim skirt, pull down her tights, and squat by a tree.

She watched in disbelief. Greta then dressed herself and came back into the house, taking her seat and resuming the conversation as if nothing unusual had happened.

Before they sat down to eat, Ellen showed Greta how to use a toilet. Not to put a too finer point on it she did a pee while Greta stood in the doorway. Greta was fascinated by the whole experience, and used the toilet herself in front of Ellen.

Ellen was amazed how hungry Greta was, and she cooked her more eggs and bacon. Greta ate in a very primitive way with an open mouth, mainly with her fingers, using her knife and fork only sparingly.

As she ate, she told Ellen her story.

‘My Mistress is the Lady Matilda, Countess of Boulogne, and Queen of England. I was ordered by my Mistress to spy on the King and his men-at-arms. She had gone on ahead to Winchester. While she was gone I had a terrible premonition about a Silver man and buildings I did not recognise, with many dead people.’

Greta paused, and Ellen could see her struggling with the emotion of the vision.

One of things that a Witch cannot do, is lie to another Witch. Sisters instinctively know if another Witch is being untrue, and Ellen knew that Greta believed every word she said. The trouble was the story was so fanciful, it did not make sense, for one thing she knew Matilda wasn’t the current Queen of England. But Ellen wanted her to continue. So she, put a comforting hand on her arm, but said nothing.

‘I followed the King and his henchmen to a clearing in the woods, and the Silver man that I saw in my vision appeared. I don’t know what came over me, but I knew I had to kill him. I charged at him with my speer.’

Greta stood and raised her arm mimicking the stabbing motion, Ellen could see the hatred in her face.

Ellen’s iPhone buzzed. It made Greta jump.

It was a text from Carla being bitchy, ’Did she come?

Ellen text‘d back, ’I have been silly, come home, it is important x’

Greta went on with her story.

‘Suddenly there was a blinding flash and instead of killing the Silver man, I killed a dog.’

Ellen didn’t know why but she felt pain, not of the dog, but someone else that she didn’t know, but somehow thought she would? Strange. She put the thoughts aside.

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