King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 34 – Greta’s story

Greta went on with her story, and about half an hour later, Carla came back into the kitchen with her tail between her legs. Ellen was making cheese on toast with Worcester sauce, Carla’s favourite. Ellen and Greta feigned surprise but they both knew Carla was on her way, there were few secrets between Witches. Carla of course knew that they knew she was on her way, but she pretended as well.

Ellen made a fuss of Carla, kissing and hugging her as if they had been apart for ages. Greta though this must be a polite thing to do, and to Carla’s surprise emulated Ellen’s enthusiastic welcome. Then to the bemusement of Carla said, ‘Ellen showed me how to toilet.’

Ellen sat Carla in her favourite chair and put a plate of cheese on toast and a cup of hot chocolate in her Prince Harry mug in front of her. She put the same in front of Greta. But Greta’s hot chocolate was in a Prince William mug.

She sat down with her own tea, and said, ‘Greta tell Carla your story.’

Greta began hesitantly, but it was getting dark by the time she finished her story. As Ellen stood to open a second bottle of wine, Greta’s head slumped forward and she fell asleep at the table.

They carried her into the downstairs bedroom and took off her shoes, skirt and cardigan. Carla recognised her own clothes and shoes, but she was so enthralled by Greta’s story that she kept her mouth shut. As they closed the door they heard Greta snoring contentedly.

The two modern Witches, got into bed and took out their tablet computers. This required some research.

Through Wikipedia they quickly verified that King Stephen had reined between 1135 and 1141. There was record of Fleet being called La Fete and of Hartley Wintney being called Hertleye Wynteneye. It was said that King Stephen was buried at Faversham Abbey, so if that story of the imposter is true, then whoever is buried there was not King Stephen.

But the really startling fact was, that if Greta’s story was true, she was more than 1,000 years old.

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