King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 37 - Celebrity

Looking back, the journey to the Dorchester was the beginning of Greta’s rise from unknown to international celebrity. Ellen, Carla and least of all Greta herself were all completely unprepared for the rapid turn of events that would follow.

JC pulled up to the Dorchester in the relatively unimpressive black Mercedes, given the two Rolls Royce’s, blue Aston Martin, Bentley, red Ferrari and yellow Lamborghini that were parked outside. The uniformed doormen, recognised JC and made a show of opening the doors for the ladies and taking in their luggage.

Two uniformed bellman escorted the ladies and JC to a waiting elevator. There was no need to check-in, the suite had already been paid for.

On the green outside there were two photographers who used the Dorchester as their regular ‘spot’. Their digital cameras, captured images of all three women as they emerged from the car. The images were sent electronically to a studio in Ealing, but facial recognition software failed to get a match with any celebrity. The images were stored anyway.

Earlier that morning the photographers had taken pictures of both Beyoncé and Sting and their respected entourages, who were also staying at the hotel. Beyoncé was playing concerts at the O2 arena, and Sting was selling out at the Royal Albert Hall. These pictures were now being marketed to the highest bidders.

The suite in the Dorchester was like nothing Ellen or Carla had ever experienced. The rooms were luxurious beyond measure, with antique furnishings and a view across the park. Greta just went into overdrive in her excitement, flicking light switches, turning on taps, opening cupboard doors, squealing with delight. There were two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a sitting room. In the sitting room, Martha was waiting with a photographer, and a lady she introduced as a make-over artist. Both were dressed all in black. There was water, soft drinks, coffee, tea and pastries on a side table.

Over coffee, Martha explained what would happen.

First they wanted some pictures. The make-over artist, whose name was Zoe, and Bryan, the photographer, would recommend an approach to dresses, make-up and hair. They would then do the shoot here in the suite. This evening, they had been booked in to the West End show Les Miserables, have dinner at Roules in Covent Garden, and then be brought back here by JC.

Zoe now began to assess the sizes of each of the women. She knew most by a practised eye, but in Ellen’s case she checked bra and shoe size. She wandered into the next room, where she barked a series of figures to someone on her cell phone. Greta had still had no understanding of these gadgets, despite exhaustive explanation from Ellen and Carla.

Within 10 minutes, the doorbell to the suite rang and four young women dressed in the same black outfits as Bryan and Zoe, wheeled in hanging rails. They then removed the covers to reveal a glory of clothes of every imaginable style and colour. There were neatly arranged racks with shoes, boots, hats, belts, bags and accessories. It was couture of unimaginable quality, and every girls dream. Ellen clapped her hands with delight and Carla hugged her in her excitement. Greta jumped up and down like a little school girl.

The four young women, stood back from the rails and in a practiced pose stood in a line at a discreet distance. With an expert eye, Zoe picked out an outfit for each of the women. Ellen liked hers immediately, and went to try it on. Carla was less sure about hers, and chose another one as well as the selection that Zoe had made. Greta squealed in delight when Zoe picked out for her a black and teal dress and matching boots. Now as each of the witches peeled away in turn to the bedrooms to try on their outfits, the first three of the girls in line moved forward in a practiced line, as if in the military, to assist each of the women with their outfits.

In the end Carla, chose the outfit Zoe had first picked for her, but with different shoes. She did so only after trying on three others. It was a beautifully embroided long claret-wine coloured dress, with an elegant bodice.

Zoe had carefully selected an outfit to empathise Ellen’s large breasts. She had on a low-cut lacy blouse, and tight pencil skirt with a slit up the side. High heels, were very tarty and sexy.

The women were positioned on a Chaise longue with an elegant stone fireplace in the background. Bryan took some pictures which he described as ‘rushes’ and Martha, Zoe and Bryan viewed them on a monitor. They pointed and discussed. They altered the position of the lights, and moved some of the items in the background.

They repeated the process. Then asked the Witches to change position on the chaise longue and gave Greta a black hat to wear.

Now they were happy. There were nods and slaps on shoulders as they viewed the ‘rushes’ on the monitor.

The girls in black now took each of their charges back into the bedroom where their outfits were carefully hung and Zoe snapped orders, instructing that various garments were ironed or brushed immediately.

Now dressed in their underwear and fleecy Dorchester dressing gowns, they were led to a discrete elevator that the 4th black-clad assistant had waiting. They were taken to the basement of the hotel where three adjoining chairs awaited in the hairdressing salon and spa.

Salon assistants appeared who washed each of the Witches hair. Greta nearly punched the young girl who tried to force her head backwards over the sink. But Ellen calmed her just in time.

Zoe and Bryan were now in deep and earnest discussion with another man who was clearly the head stylist. Ellen watched in the mirror as each used their hands to describe in an animated and exaggerated way the style they obviously wanted for each of the women.

With wet hair wrapped in towels, the Head Stylist, now described to each of the women the style they would like to use. Predictably, Carla was the only one who was unhappy, and after some discussion they compromised. Zoe was getting the measure of her.

Greta had her long wet hair straightened with teal highlights added to match her dress. Ellen’s red hair was made even redder, and fluffed out. Toni said she had the style the female news-readers in the US often used, or big hair. Carla had her hair in a bun on the top of her head, with diamond encrusted hair sticks through it. She looked very elegant.

When the hair was done, then came the make-up. Greta’s was subtle apart from her eyes, where black mascara was used extensively. Ellen’s was tarty, bright red glossy lipstick and green eye shadow to enhance her green eyes. Carla’s was elegant, to emphasise her high cheek bones.

The Witches were given a lunch of fruit, pumpkin soup and smoked salmon while they were pampered. Then they were then taken back up to the suite. The girl assistants in their black outfits helped them on with their freshly pressed clothes and polished footwear, and they were carefully positioned by Bryan back on the chaise longue.

Twenty minutes later, and with several different poses, hand positions and facial expressions, they were done. The champagne was opened. The black glad girls left, rolling out the racks of clothes with them in perfect practiced precision.

JC arrived to take them to the show and then to dinner, the Witches went dressed as they were. Martha joined them in the back of the Rolls Royce, that took them first to the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane to watch Les Miserables, and then later to Rules in Covent Garden. Flash bulbs seemed to follow them everywhere, Bryan was already at each venue when they arrived, and took more pictures as they went in. Bryan’s assistants took more pictures while they were inside the Theatre and the restaurant, and more pictures as they left.

That night Ellen and Carla made love in one of the sumptuous beds, and Greta ravaged JC in the other. Ellen and Carla heard the grunts and groans of pleasure. Ellen wanted to join them for a bit of foursome fun, but Carla didn’t want to.

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