King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 38 – The Witches of Hampshire

The Witches and JC were woken by a phone call at 8 AM and a sumptuous room service breakfast arrived. None of them were that hungry after last night’s huge dinner, except JC, who piled his plate with sausages, bacon and eggs.

Much to Ellen and Carla’s amusement, then tried to explain to Greta how sausages were made and why they tasted so good.

Amazingly, by Sunday morning the Witches outfits had been copied and replaced with new matching ones. Another trip to the salon for their hair and make-up, and then they were dressed in their new outfits, which were fitted with military precision by the girls in black. They were now ready for the media frenzy to come.

The Sunday Chronicle’s headline was:

The Witches of Hampshire

The front page was simply a large picture of the three women in unsmiling elegant pose. Greta sat with her arms wide apart as if casting a spell. Her tall black hat and long white hair, made her look like a witch. Ellen sat forward legs crossed, which emphasised the split in her skirt and her ample bosom. Carla stood at the back with one hand on Ellen’s shoulder, and the other raised as if casting a spell.

Bryan had enhanced the picture using digital enhancement software. Their eyes had been made a little larger and in a way more evil. Ellen’s cleavage slightly deeper, and Greta’s hat slightly more pointed. Carla’s expression was made even more demur.

The effect was stunning. Three real live Witches living in the UK, and one that was claimed to be 1,000 years old. Inside there were several more pictures, some taken at the theatre, others at the restaurant. Mostly they were of Greta, then of Ellen, and Carla was just in one other.

The clever people, who had syndicated Cathy’s beheading story, now syndicated this new story to more news agencies with even more vigour. Cathy’s reputation as a journalist was growing. It was a media frenzy, with Greta and Ellen receiving all the attention. Carla was especially hurt when she overheard one of the back-room assistants say, ’they all want Greta and the sexy one with the big tits, but nobody wants to talk to the stuck-up one at the back.’

Cathy’s article had been brilliantly written. It made only reference to the fact that Greta may have a link with the murders in Hampshire, but there was nothing that could have suggested anything on the wrong side of the law.

After an exhausting day of media interviews, on Sunday evening they were taken to dinner at the stylish Savoy Grill. At the Savoy, as if by coincidence, Martha had introduced them to Larry Spindler who was a Talent Agent.

Larry promised to handle the Witches affairs, apparently there was already a clause in the contract the Witches had signed to give the Daily Chronicle exclusivity. None of the Witches knew what affairs in this context meant.

They thought no more of it. Instead they drank more Champagne, ate fantastic food and spotted a number of celebrities in the Savoy Grill. They were amazed when Larry brought Rod Stewart to their table to introduce them, apparently he also handled Rod’s affairs.

By 5 PM on Monday afternoon they were all exhausted. Ellen wanted a hot bath and to take off the killer heals. Carla wanted to go home. Greta was being interviewed live on Sky News, which Larry said was being syndicated by CNN.

Their story was already the lead story on most of the internet news wires. Larry was doing everything he could do of course to stoke the fire. Bryan’s pictures were syndicated throughout the world.

What were really compelling and popular were the live interviews that both Greta and Ellen gave. Neither was media savvy, least of all Greta, so what people saw was a raw interview with a real personality. The viewers loved it.

Ellen was able to use her extraordinary powers to spook the reporters. In the middle of an interview she would speak about some personal matter that had effected the reporter interviewing her. It was so natural to Ellen, she could see a lost relative not on the earth plane. She would ask the reporter about the person, just as if she was at home doing her normal work. It made for a great interview.

Greta was even more characteristic. She looked like a Witch, she behaved outrageously in front of the camera, drinking tea from a saucer, using outrageous gestures, even grabbing the groin of a female presenter during an interview, who she thought was a man. In fact she used to be a man. The ratings soured.

JC had pulled a favour with Spiers Morgan, and the Executive Producer of his hugely popular US Chat Show had worked out a deal with Larry to pay Greta $1 million to appear first, and exclusively in the US on Spier’s show on Wednesday night.

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