King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 52 – Wal-Mart

As well as security there was a large logistics and administrative operation supporting Dr Cabana and the team at the bunker complex. This included the sourcing of all the specialist medical equipment needed. Staff Sargent Sandra Makepeace was a logistics officer on the early morning shift, and now looked at the latest procurement request on her screen with an eyebrow raised.

The procurement team were always being given impossible deadlines to source all sorts of items from the body scanners, to the diamond drills. It was a round the clock operation 7 days a week, and had so far racked-up over $28 million in costs. The logistics team had been told that this operation had no budget limit, so they just kept on spending.

Now this was an even more bizarre request. It was a whole list of things for a new born baby including a child’s crib, baby milk, baby clothes and diapers.

Everything on the list was designated UOR – URGENT OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENT. An UOR meant it was needed within 4 hours. This was not unusual almost everything requested for this operation was UOR. So far the procurement teams’ performance against the UOR target was poor, how did you source specialist medical equipment like micro-needles within 4 hours?

Sandra clicked her mouse to print the UOR list, and muttering to herself as she crossed the largely deserted office to pick up the print-out, that these were ‘crazy people, wanting baby things in a secret bunker at 4.30 AM in the morning on UOR, surely if there was a mother in the team she had these things with her? Dumb-ass.’

However she was there to follow orders, and she wanted to get the performance target up. She headed for the parking lot, and then for the 24 hour Wal-Mart.

It was not necessarily unusual for a uniformed female soldier from the local military base to come into a Wal-Mart store at 5 AM in the morning and buy baby things. But the tired mother of four on the cash register who worked nights, realised that this girl was no mother. She could tell by the things she bought, all in the wrong pack sizes. She also didn’t look like she had just given birth. Way too relaxed and decently turned out. No bags under the eyes. She could have said something about the diapers for a new born and the baby grows for a 1 year old, but they were trained not to comment on customer purchases.

So she took a sneaky picture of the soldier with her smartphone camera and sent it to the Weekly World News email address in her break. She got a reply the next day thanking her, and a cheque in the mail for $250.

In the next edition of Weekly World News

Alien new born baby shops at Wal-Mart

An alien baby born in a secret location in Colorado, had been given a new crib and diapers purchased at Wal-Mart. This US Army soldier (pictured) bought the baby equipment in the middle of the night to try and avoid suspicion …

Bob Cabana and his team now lost all self-restraint. There had been a comms black-out on the mission. Although the team was allowed to call home, they were not allowed to discuss any aspect of the mission or even where they were.

But now they called family and loved-ones just to tell them how wonderful the new baby was. Some were discrete references, others included Mary named him – the baby Jesus. The techs at Fort Meade who were still intercepting Mary’s phone messages, managed to block an email of Jesus’ picture reaching the outside world.

Ali was a Muslim. He was not that devout, he had the occasional beer and glass of wine, ate hot-dogs, but he went to the Mosque on holy days. He had been brought up with the teachings of the Koran, he brought his children up with the same disciplines, and now he saw before him the new Prophet. It was written that He would return.

He couldn’t resist talking about it. The Admiral listened to a taped recording of Ali speaking to his wife. The bug they had planted in his mobile phone enhanced the sound quality so it was as if they were both in the room with him.

Ali was saying, ‘…it was amazing, the body lay absolutely still for weeks, we couldn’t even open the suit, and then this amazing thing happened a baby came out.’

Then a mature female voice with a slight foreign accent that the Admiral assumed was Ali’s wife asked, ‘You mean a man gave birth to a baby?’

‘No he didn’t give birth as such, his helmet opened and the baby was just there. Not just any baby but a beautiful black baby boy, oh you should see him Honey, he is absolutely gorgeous.’

‘You gotta send me some pictures.’

‘Will do, but what we think happened was when he got tasered with the high electric shock he went into some sort of regeneration process. They have named his Jesus, I tell you Honey, this boy is special I think he is the Prophet.’

The female voice again, ‘Ali Palaszwaski, just listen to you, you are talking nonsense …’

The Admiral hit the stop button, he had heard enough. He called his assistant and ordered a flight to take him to Colorado immediately. He need to get down there to restore discipline.

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