King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 59 – White House PO

The Head of the White House Press Office, or PO, Sally Carmichael was briefing the President, NSA Director and Admiral. She looked like a Hollywood actress and wore a Chanel royal blue suit and white silk blouse. Her blond hair was almost the color of her blouse, but not as white as her teeth. She spoke through glossy blood red lips.

’Mr. President I recommend we let NASA issue a statement on the Asteroid otherwise it will look suspicious. I suggest a headline like NASA says giant Asteroid will miss Earth. To say nothing will just allow speculation to build. If we issue the statement it will be a headline for today and forgotten tomorrow.’

The President looked at the NSA Director, as if prompting him to speak.

The NSA Director leaned forward in his seat and said quietly, ‘may I brief the President in private’. He looked sideways at Sally, who got the hint.

This was not necessarily unusual for sensitive national security matters but the Head of the PO made a point of shuffling her briefing papers and closed the door behind her unnecessarily loudly. Kevin Alexander the NSA Director noticed, she left behind an aroma of a delicious expensive perfume.

When the three of them were alone, the Kevin said to the Admiral, ‘Please brief the President on the latest developments.’

‘Sir, we know that the elimination capsule has been growing in size. It is detectable by amateur astronomers now, and there is a lot of comment about it on the internet. We understand that Jesus intends to reverse this growth and then destroy the capsule by flying it into the sun. Mary believes that Jesus may do irreparable harm to his regeneration process in space and may not return.’

He continued, ‘We do not know how long it will take for the elimination capsule to shrink in size, and we do not have any way of communicating with Jesus. There is a significant risk that the elimination capsule may continue to grow in size before the shrinking takes place. So I would suggest that any press comment now has to be worded in such a way that we allow for it to get both larger and smaller.’

The NSA Director interjected, ’Sir, we also need to brief our allies on Silver Shield. They too will be under pressure to say something about the object. It may be a better tactic to leave NASA out of it, and allow one of the other Space agencies to take the lead. This way we can save NASA’s blushes, and also do one of our allies a favour.’

The President asked, ‘who do you suggest?’


‘The European Space Agency? Didn’t they refuse to co-operate on Silver Shield?’ asked the President.

‘Exactly sir, let them end up with egg on their face.’

Sally Carmichael was a little surprised when the President asked her to brief ESA and not NASA on the story. But she was not to question why. Besides she was increasingly enjoying these 1:1 briefings with the President, where he was becoming increasingly flirtatious. She was flattered by his eyes following her long legs and ample breasts. He was just a man after all. She wasn’t sure where it would all lead, but decided she would wear a lower cut blouse and silk stockings for their next 1:1 encounter.

She got through to Michel Devereau the Deputy Director of ESA who was based in Brussels, Belgium. Michel was French and had an accent to die for, but he was short and fat in a Napoleonic way and not Sally’s type.

Sally briefed Michel on the Asteroid, and asked if his press people would put out a statement. Michel said he would prepare one and send it to her for comment before it was released. He flirted with her outrageously on the phone for a few minutes, saying he would be coming to Washington next month for a conference, and they should have dinner and champagne. She said ‘of course, I would love to see you’. As soon as they hung up, she made a note in her Blackberry diary to be out of town that week.

Michel’s email arrived as she was eating her lunch at her desk. There were two kisses at the end and a link to the conference. She opened the attachment, read it quickly and replied.

Michel, Press release fine with me, thank you. Hope to see you next month. x

The ESA press release hit the new wires 20 minutes later.

Giant Asteroid will miss Earth

Brussels Belgium, a giant Asteroid between Mars and Jupiter is not on track to reach Earth, ESA scientists have calculated …

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