King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 61 – Greta & JC

Greta and JC were now inseparable. Him the 6 foot 2 inch barrel chested ex-Policeman, she just 5 foot 1 inch and with her child like physique. Her bright white hair was now highlighted in different colours to match her outfits. This soon became part of her trade mark image.

Her new teeth were as white and as perfect as any Hollywood star could have. To enhance her image further, her cosmetic dentist had elongated her incisors, giving her a vampire like appearance on television.

Greta was now a celebrity. She and JC shared a huge penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park. JC no longer drove the limo, they had a chauffeur. JC was her business manager, and co-ordinated her affairs with professional care.

Greta was one of the highest paid celebrities on US television. Her bi-weekly chat show, had achieved top ratings for the last 3 months. Her chat-shows were syndicated around the world.

Her eccentric style and frank questioning meant the show was adult viewing. It went out live, but with a 30 second delay, just in case. There were as many interviewees whose image had been enhanced, as those that had been destroyed by an appearance on her show. But every A list or wanna-be celebrity who had a new movie, a new book, a new business or a political career to launch, wanted to be on her show.

Her show was called Greta the Witch live and it was filmed in front of a live audience. What made the show so watchable was that Greta had no respect for anybody’s reputation. JC discovered early on, that the ratings were highest when Greta was not briefed at all about the people she was interviewing. That way she had no side to her, and was not in awe of anybody’s reputation. It also meant that the audience would often know more about the people she was interviewing than she did.

On the last show, she was interviewing a Hollywood celebrity actress who was promoting her new movie. Greta’s first question to the woman in her 40’s was, ‘What have you done to your face?’

Cruelly the HD cameras focused in on close-up and the effects of the woman’s Botox and face-lift were clear, even though she was heavily made up. Normally celebrities and their agents made arrangements with the Producers of these shows to restrict the close-ups, and agree in advance how the celebrity would be filmed and what lighting effects were permitted. But on Greta the Witch live, these arrangements were not allowed. It was an anything goes affair.

The actress tried to make light of it admitting she had had a little work done, and trying to steer the conversation to her new movie.

But Greta was like a dog with a bone, and her next question to the poor woman was, ‘you look absolutely dreadful, you do you possibly get chosen to do anything. If I was a man I wouldn’t want to fuck you. Do you have a husband?’

Fortunately the 30-second delay allowed the Director to bleep out the f word. Greta didn’t know, but the celebrity magazines had been full of a story about the actress’ third husband, recently leaving her for a 21 year old Vogue model.

The poor actress tried to hold herself together, but eventually ran from the set in tears. The ratings soared. The film studio was delighted, she couldn’t have done more to promote her new movie than be humiliated on Greta the Witch live.

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