King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 65 – Ellen’s premonition

Just as the SAS were taking off from Blackbushe to return to Hereford, Ellen had a premonition.

She was in the kitchen of her house in Fleet, with Carla. They had just finished lunch, and Carla was playing a game on her iPad, still a little sulky after they had returned from their trip to the London Dorchester Hotel. She still felt she was playing second fiddle to Ellen and Greta. Despite assurances from Ellen, she still felt inferior, and was more than a little envious of how Greta had shot to fame. Privately, Ellen was getting fed up with Carla’s moods and her possessiveness. She felt the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. Moreover she had new feelings for someone else.

Ellen’s iPhone rang, it was JC calling from the US.

‘Hi JC?’ Ellen answered in a questioning way, because she sensed that it was Greta calling.

Without preamble she heard Greta’s distinctive gravelly voice in the receiver, ‘Ellen you must go to him.’ Ellen was obviously calling from New York, and there was a slight hiss on the line, a characteristic of trans-Atlantic cell phone calls.

Like Ellen, Greta was a powerful Witch, and at times of danger or distress their powers were enhanced. Carla had no sense of it, her powers were not as advanced. Greta and Ellen were seeing the same premonition and discussed it as if they were both looking at the same video on the television. They could visualise through their shared premonition the three men as their hiding place was scanned by the telescopic sights of the Police marksmen.

Ellen could see all three men in her minds-eye, but it was the tallest of the three that had caused her heart to flutter. She did not know who the other two were. Greta sensed this, even over the distance of thousands of miles. She knew them.

Greta said, ‘the other two are the King and Eustace. Be careful of Eustace, the bigger one, he is a brute. You must hurry.’

Ellen said, ‘I must go’, and hung up the phone.

As Carla looked up to enquire who that was, Ellen grabbed her coat and shouted over her shoulder, I have to go out. She offered no other explanation. Carla thought it strange but sulkily returned to her jelly squash game on her iPad.

Ellen jumped in her BMW X3 4x4 and knew exactly where to head. She had recognised Fleet Pond from her premonition. She knew the area well, some of her earliest and happiest childhood memories were feeding the ducks with her mother. Her mother’s spirit came to her now, and sat in the passenger seat. Ellen’s mother was smiling, she would be there to see her daughter meet this special person. Her mothers’ presence gave Ellen comfort. Fleet Pond was just a few minutes’ drive away.

Gingerly Keith emerged from the tree line with his hands raised above his head, and with one hand waving his white handkerchief, a little over enthusiastically. Eustace and the King held back, thinking that Keith may be killed at any moment.

Eustace and the King were both startled, when suddenly a voice from loud hailer boomed out.

‘Dr Keith Maxwell, please lie on the ground and you will not be harmed’. Eustace drew his sword and moved protectively in front of the King.

The Chief Constable, repeated his command and then lowered the loud haler as the Police marksmen next to him kept the scientist in the cross hairs of the telescopic sights. He said quietly so only the three marksmen next to him could hear, ‘What targets do you have?’

The marksmen were targeting left, centre and right.

As Keith lay down on the ground as instructed, the central marksmen said, ’target appears unarmed, obeying instructions, clean shot.’

The marksman to his left said, ’movement in woods behind, no clear shot.’

The third marksman who was scanning the woods on the other side said, ‘no target.’

The Chief Constable was about to raise the loud haler to his lips, when an extraordinary thing happened.

Eustace led the King out of the tree line, mimicking Keith’s stance of his hands raised above his head, but with his sword in one hand with the blade reversed. They walked to where Keith lay and Eustace sunk to his knees on the ground beside him. The King refused to kneel, but bowed his head.

At which point, each of the three Police marksmen, said quietly, ‘clear target’, ‘clear target’, ‘clear target’.

The Chief Constable hesitated to ensure that the three men in the cross hairs of his marksmen where still, and then lifted the loud haler to his lips. His voice boomed out again, ‘Keep your hands above your heads, and stay where you are’.

The Chief Constable now had life and death in his hands, but calmly and clearly he spoke an order to the marksman beside him, ‘safe weapons, please.’ He waited until he heard each of the marksman say, ’weapon safe, and the clicks of the safety catches, and then lifted a whistle to his lips, which was on a cord around his neck. The whistle was the signal for the waiting Police officers to move in and arrest the fugitives. He wanted no risk of his marksman shooting their own Police colleagues.

But before he could blow his whistle another unexpected and extraordinary thing happened that took the Chief Constable and the watching Police officers by surprise. A BMW 4x4 vehicle appeared from nowhere and drove at speed directly across the scrub land towards the fugitives.

Ellen only had eyes for the tall man with long hair and a beard that was taller than the other two. He was dressed in modern clothes. She had seen him emerge from the tree line waiving a white handkerchief over his head. Shortly followed by two other figures.

She had known since she was a little girl that one day she would meet a man like him. Tall with an angelic grace, with long hair and a beard. It was strange because she had never liked any other men with beards. She had kept the secret hidden in the recesses of her mind. Especially from Carla.

As she accelerated towards the group of three men, she was aware of the sound of a loud haler, but inside the vehicle she could not hear the words clearly because the vehicle was bumping along the rough terrain. Her mother’s spirit still sat in the passenger seat, smiling.

As she got closer she could see he had a cut on his face, it looked as though somebody had struck him. On the one hand she wanted to embrace him, and gently tend his wound. On the other hand she knew from the reports in the newspapers that this was Dr Keith Maxwell who was wanted for questioning for murder. But her heart told her that the allegation was wrong.

She stopped the vehicle and got out to go to him instinctively. She was hardly aware of the sound of someone shouting over a loud haler and the shrill blows of whistle. The Police caught her before she could get to Keith.

She watched helplessly as other Policeman handcuffed him and led him away.

Ellen was questioned at the scene, and then allowed home with a caution.

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