King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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Chapter 70 – Ellen & Keith

Keith moved in with Ellen in Fleet. They ate out regularly and went to the theatre in London and concerts together. They both loved the ballet.

Keith’s old clothes had largely stayed in his mother’s house. Ellen had changed her man, taking him to Gieves & Hawkes so his new outfits emphasised his height and stature. She also bought selected clothes online because his size was difficult to find in the shops. Also he hated shopping, so it was easier that way. She enjoyed fussing him, dressing him, and turning into the elegant man she wanted by her side. He had large feet, and she bought specially made shoes for him. To her pleasure, she found that everything was true about men with large feet.

She took him to an expensive barber in Covent Garden in London on his birthday, and they styled his hair and shaved his beard, making him look years younger. Even though his bald patch was a little bigger.

They stayed that night in the Dorchester, not in the grand suite they had stayed in when the Daily Chronicle was paying, but in a room with a king size bath. They sneaked in two bottles of wine they had bought in a supermarket to avoid paying Dorchester prices, and enjoyed them in the bath. They went to dinner at Roules, and Keith had his favourite Oysters, followed by Steak & Kidney Pudding. Keith tried to order just 6 oysters, but Ellen insisted he had 12. She said he would need them.

When they were at home, they made love all over the house and garden. Ellen had a hot-tub installed in the back garden at a particular point on the celestial energy line and that became their special place.

Keith’s mother sort of liked Ellen. They were polite enough when they were together. But they were never going to be bosom pals. In fact the size of Ellen’s breasts was something Keith’s mother vexed about. Ellen didn’t have to be psychic to sense her real feelings.

Keith and Ellen went to his mother’s house for the occasional lunch or dinner, but she would rarely come to them. The pretence she gave was she didn’t want to leave the dog, and she couldn’t bring him because of Ellen’s cats.

They both loved Keith, but that was all they really had in common.

She did not approve of Ellen’s profession, which she thought a con. Keith as a scientist could not approve of fortune telling. As a scientist he was still sceptical, even though she told him things she couldn’t possibly have known.

For example she told him about a paper hidden in an old bible in his father’s study at his mother’s house. It turned out to be a long forgotten share certificate for Arsenal Football Club in London. His father had hidden the certificate before his death because it was the pay-off from a friend over a gambling debt. Keith’s father had kept the gambling away from his mother.

Keith took the Share Certificate to his Bank, who made some discrete enquiries. Within a day he had received two offers for the Shares, the higher from a business man in Oman was a little under £1m.

The payment of £827,602 net of the Bank’s broker and legal fees was deposited into his account the following week.

Keith handed in his notice at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and equipped himself a study in the spare room at Ellen’s. He wanted to publish scientific books on the paranormal. He was going to dedicate his life to a scientific study of Ellen. Ellen thought this a real turn on, and they christened his new desk and his office chair in true style.

Then the following day when he was in the process of installing his new Apple Mac, his world turned on its head. Ellen came into the study beaming, she already knew it would be a girl.

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