King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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The effects of Mohammad’s actions at the UPS Warehouse in Dallas were two-fold. First was the death of the King, the second was a rocket exploding on a launch pad.

If King Stephen had been allowed to live it would have created a major constitutional crisis in the British Monarchy. It was of course unthinkable that the British MI6 could conduct regicide themselves. So, over a coffee in a busy Starbucks, Charles had shown Wayne DiBello, the CIA operative in London, an image of a tin of quinces offered for sale on a New Zealand website.

The CIA labs had developed a two-step toxin that was undetectable in a post-mortem. There were 20 quinces in the tin. Half of the quinces in the tin were contaminated with toxin A and the other ten with toxin B. Each toxin was odourless and tasteless. All the King had to do to trigger a fatal reaction was to eat two quinces in the correct order. Ann Brightwell, did discover the secret of the CIA’s two-step toxin. She began working on an antidote. Just in case.

The rocket that exploded on the launch pad was scheduled to take Bob Cabana into space on his last heroic mission. Bob led the mission in Colorado on the Silver man, when the baby Jesus had been re-born. He was an experienced NASA Space Shuttle pilot. The replacement circuit board contained that Mohammed switched had a revised firmware chip that caused the hydrogen fuel to ignite prematurely.

Bob Cabana had been diagnosed with leukaemia. It was common amongst astronauts. When you left the protection of the Earth’s magnetic field, the heightened radiation levels were sufficient to bring on the onset of deadly cancers. Most astronauts died young, a fact kept out of the press.

He had been selected as the best man to go with the Silver man. He had led the team in Colorado, when the Silver man had been re-born. He had also volunteered.

The UN had pulled together an international consensus for once. World leaders all agreed that diplomacy was essential; otherwise more elimination capsules would follow.

Bob didn’t want to leave his children and grand-children. His wife of 47 years had died the previous year. But he knew he was dying, and so this was his chance to do something special.

He even had to lie to his children when he said goodbye.

But he had negotiated one condition with the US authorities. He had left a diary of the events leading up to his departure with a legal firm in Switzerland. If the planet still existed, in 25 years’ time the diary would be published. This was his immortality. He hoped his surviving children and grandchildren would forgive him. He had also left them personal messages.

They didn’t know about the cancer in his blood, this fact was kept from the public. They thought he was going on one last mission.

The apparently live TV pictures showed him strapped into the capsule of the Space X rocket, on a supply mission to the International Space Station. The vessel required just one pilot, and who better than a distinguished NASA ex-Shuttle commander.

In fact, the vessel was being flown by remote control, and the pictures were a recording. The Space X rocket exploded 11 seconds into its flight providing spectacular TV footage. A pre-prepared obituary to Dr. Bob Cabana was released.

Just as the obituary was released on the press wires, Bob Cabana was dressed in a silver suit matching the Silver man’s, and stepping into a spherical silver craft on a helicopter launch pad in a remote part of Jamaica. The craft floated over the Launchpad for a few seconds and then with unbelievable speed, silently shot out of sight.

On the launch pad was a small silver object. Ali climbed up to retrieve a silver glove.

Ali looked to the heavens.

He realised that this was Bob’s parting gift to mankind, if they could analyse the material of the glove, they could make huge progress. He took the glove to a tearful Mary and the waiting Admiral.

To be continued …
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