King Stephen, the Silver man and Greta the Witch

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List of major characters and events

King Stephen and his Courtiers

King Stephen of England, Born 1092 or 1096, in Blois, France. Wife, Matilida. Reigned 22 Dec 1135 to April 1141. Father King Henry 1 of England.

William of Blois, King Stephen’s half-brother.

Eustace of Ypres, Protector of King Stephen, finest swordsman in England.

Henry of Gloucester, Protector of King Stephen, finest bowman in England.

The Witches

Greta the Witch, a powerful Witch living in 12th Century in England. Soothsayer who is favoured by Matilida (King Stephen’s wife) and sent to spy on her husband.

Ellen the Witch, a powerful Witch, living in the modern day in Fleet, England.

Carla the Witch, Ellen’s lesbian lover. Less powerful Witch than Greta or Ellen.

The British scientists

Dr. Keith Maxwell, eccentric British space scientist working at secret UK Government laboratory.

Professor Helen Collins, Dr Keith Maxwell’s supervisor.

Dr. David Thomas, Head of PR at secret laboratory where Keith Maxwell works

The US National Security Agency (NSA) and the White House

‘The Admiral’ or Admiral Gerald Smythe, NSA security adviser and clever military operator. Access to the NSA Director and US President.

‘The General’ or Army General Kevin Alexander, NSA Director, the Admiral’s boss.

Sally Carmichael, head of White House Press Office.

The US Scientists

Dr. Ali Palaszwaski, senior NASA scientist collaborating with Dr Keith Maxwell.

Dr. Mary Morrell, senior NASA scientist from Marshall Space Flight Centre, a specialist in deep space particles.

Dr. Bob Cabana, Shuttle pilot and head of NASA Kennedy Space Center. Selected to lead the post mortem of the Silver man.

Three scientists who accompany Mary Morrell to Jamaica (also in Colorado Bunker):

Dr Anne Davis, Medical doctor specialising in Children’s medicine

Dr Brian Fellows, Anthropologist

Dr Carl Lancaster, Educational Psychologist

Jacobs Creek, Jamaica and the CIA Operatives

Jed & Lisa, Gardener and Housekeeper at Jacobs Creek.

Mat & Jessica, CIA Agents acting as married couple.

The Press

Weekly World News, a US sensational magazine that prints the half-truths of the story through regular leaks from US military personnel and others.

Cathy Murphy, tenacious and attractive reporter from the British tabloid the Daily Chronicle.

Martha, Cathy Murphy’s assistant at Daily Chronicle.

JC, or John Constable, ex British soldier and Police Officer who is chauffer and protector to Cathy and Martha at the Daily Chronicle.

MI6 and CIA in London

Sir Geoffrey Milton, Head of MI6 (known as Milt).

Charles, Milt’s assistant, University of Oxford History graduate. Talks in staccato.

Wayne DiBello, Head of CIA in London.

NSA Operations and code words

Silver Shield, code name of operation to protect the baby Jesus from public disclosure.

Silver Testament, code name of operation to destroy the elimination capsules headed by the Admiral and Dr Ali Palaszwaski.


Bird 1 – Russian unmanned with nuclear weapon, would reach the asteroid on time

Bird 1R – back-up Russian launch authorised by President Putin, also armed with nuclear weapons, but would not each asteroid on time

Bird 2 – US rocket, first to be launched with Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) weapon

Bird 2A – back-up US rocket with EMR, would not reach asteroid in time

Bird 3 - Chinese manned rocked with aim to collect beacon and fly it into Jupiter to destroy it. Suicide mission.

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